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14 Animated Films The Adult In You Will Love

From Mickey Mouse to Snow White, Toy Story to Inside Out, the biggest names conjured up by ‘animation’ are from Disney and Pixar. Furthermore, animated films are usually loaded with the perception of being targeted at children. #DSSCRecommends a series of underrated animated films that bust these myths, films that offer the same amalgam of Disney’s fantastical and Pixar’s brains, but with a touch of elements that are unique to say, Warner Bros., Studio Ghibli, Laika Studios and other such endeavours. Here are 13 animated features, which are not cartoons, but have something real and primal at the centre — a heart and an enquiry about the human condition — that will enthrall children and adults alike.

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As Looney Toons would say, “That’s all, folks!”


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