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The ultimate last-minute Mother’s Day gift guide

Something to gift every kind of mom this Mother's Day
Mother's Day

“When is your anniversary?”

“What is that green sabzi that is like lauki, but is not lauki, that I love?”

“What’s my blood group?”

“Signing up for an astrology app. Need to know what time I was born.”

“When you set up my Bombay flat, which drawer did you put my double-sided tape in?”

“How do you get a haldi stain off a white kurta?!”

When we asked our team to share the last question they asked their moms, listed above are the responses we got.

Mothers are the OG Alexas, but better because they get our accents in the first go. They are ChatGPT minus the “We take no responsibility for the accuracy” disclaimer – as much as we hate to admit it, they are always right.

Now that the hardest admission of our lives is out of the way let’s get down to what we are here to talk about – your memory. Please include three badaams in your daily meal plan, since you’ve forgotten to get your mom a Mother’s Day present. Again.

But we see you, in fact, we are you, which is why we’ve got you covered. Scroll down for a list of presents you can get your mom this Mother’s Day.

The ultimate last-minute Mother’s Day gift guide

A Nazar Blocker candle by Dolly Singh X Rad Living for the superstitious mum, ₹499

Mother's Day

Photo: Rad Living

Poetry gift box by Champaca for the hopeless romantic mum, ₹1659

Mother's Day

Photo: Champaca

Tickets to The Sound of Music Broadway musical at NMACC for the mum who spontaneously breaks into song and dance, ₹1,100 onwards

Mother's Day

Photo: NMACC

The Best of Bombay Sweet Shop hamper for the serial snacking mum, ₹3,290

Mother's Day

Photo: Bombay Sweet Shop

The Ultimate Clever Dripper gift box by KC Roasters for the coffee-loving mother, ₹4,730

Mother's Day

Photo: KC Roasters

The Mother’s Day gift box from All Things Chocolates for the sweet-toothed mum, ₹1357.20

Mother's Day

Photo: All Things Chocolate

The Box Full of Love hamper by Origin One for the mother who is a stationery fiend, ₹2,500

Mother's Day

Photo: Origin One

The Unmask Your Glow gift box from Kama Ayurveda for the mum in need of some TLC, ₹1,380

Mother's Day

Photo: Kama Ayurveda

The Life Ain’t Perfect tumbler and snack plate from The Clay Company for the mum who likes to snack in style, ₹1,100

Mother's Day

Photo: The Clay Company

The Nectar Collection gift box from San-cha Tea Boutique for the tea-riffic mum, ₹1,999

Mother's Day

Photo: San-cha Tea Boutique

The cast iron casserole from  Le Creuset for the mum who is a dinner party pro, ₹19,975

Mother's Day

Photo: Le Creuset

The Rackle bracelet by Dhora for the mum who loves to stack , ₹2,000

Mother's Day

Photo: Dhora

A gift card from Good Earth for the mum who likes to pick her own presents, Customised to budget

Mother's Day

Photo: Good Earth

A Kindle for the book-loving mum, ₹9,999

Mother's Day


Apple Airtags for the mum who can never seem to remember where she put her keys or glasses, ₹3,490 for one

Mother's Day

Photo: Jonas Elia/Unsplash