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5 Unique workshops and summer camps to keep your kids entertained and busy

No more boring drawing and sports classes. Enroll your children in these interesting summer camps and workshops in Mumbai and Delhi.
Summer camps
In a world where curiosity knows no bounds and imagination thrives, traditional summer camps and workshops are taking on new forms to cater to the diverse interests of today’s youth. Summer vacation back in the day was just being out, playing with friends and coming back home exhausted and drinking Glucon-D or convince our mothers for a gola or an ice cream. Now, with most children being glued to screens – be it TV, phones, I-Pads, or even video games – the idea of a summer vacation has drastically changed. If as a parent, you want your child to leave the screen behind and are opting for the age-old summer camps and workshops, this article is for you.
From immersive STEM experiences to outdoor adventures and artistic explorations, the landscape of childhood enrichment through summer camps and workshops has expanded to include an array of unique and captivating offerings. In this article, we embark on a journey to uncover the most innovative and inspiring summer camps and workshops that are redefining the summer experience for children, igniting passions, and shaping future generations.

Interesting summer camps and workshops in Mumbai to keep your child entertained.

Island Survival Summer Camp

Summer Camps

Representation Photo: Canva

Can you child survive on a deserted island? This summer camp for children above the age of 10 aims to develop essential skills like foraging for food, purifying water, making endurance wear, mapping the island, building shelters and essential tool kits till help arrives. Through this summer camp, build resilience, adaptability, and learn to strategise on how to encounter unknowns obstacles and adapt to changing circumstances.

Where: Museum of Solutions, Mumbai

When: June 10-14, Monday to Friday, 1 PM to 4 PM

Fee: ₹6999

Book here.

Exploring games from ancient cultures

Summer Camps

Are you in it to win it? is a special exhibition for children exploring ancient games form different cultures of Asia, Africa, Europe, and America. For all the children who are bored of the ago-old board games of snakes and ladder, ludo, or even monopoly, this is what will spark curiosity about different ancient cultures from across the globe.

Where: Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya Children’s Muesem, Mumbai

When: Till June 30, 6 PM

Fee: Standard museum ticket

Book here.

Curating Exhibitions

Summer Camps

Representation Photo: Canva

Recommended for children aged 10 and above, this workshop encourages participants to curate their own displays on themes or stories inspired by the Museum collection. The workshop will focus on the practical and creative aspects of curating museum exhibitions.

Where: Dr Bhau Daji lad Mumbai City Museum, Mumbai

When: Conducted on request, as per availability on weekdays except Wednesdays

Fee: Free for BMC schools and NGO’s. For private schools or CSR groups: ₹150 per student.

Book here or /+91 22 23731234

Interesting summer camps and workshops in Delhi-NCR to keep your child entertained.

Sculpture and Ceramics workshop

Summer Camps

Representation Photo: Canva

There’s nothing more fun than having a sculpture as decoration at home made by your child. The sculpture and ceramics workshop is ideal for children aged 12 and above. The workshop aims to teach how to create basic chapes and forms with clay. creating textures and patterns with sculpture tools, creating imaginary and known characters such as cartoon characters, and animals with clay, and the basics of clay.

Where: Triveni Kala Sangam

When: June 10-15, Monday to Saturday

Fee: ₹3560+ taxes

Book here.

Harry Potter Theatre Workshop

Summer Camps

Representation Photo: Canva

Noticed your child practice the “Wingardium Levoisa” spell in front of the mirror? This is your sign to send your child to a Harry Potter Theatre Workshop where they can learn the basics of theatre and their love for Harry Potter. This workshop is for children between the ages six and 15.

Where: Defence Colony, Saket, Rajouri Garden, Greater Kailash, Gurugram

When: June 11-29

Fee: Upon request

Book here.