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Arjun Puri Dishes Out With DSSC Fridge Diaries

Author and educationist, Arjun Puri has donned several hats in his young life. From finance & banking in London to working for rural farmers’ development in India, to Director at O.P. Jindal Global University to now Director of Development at Woodstock School. Phew! When not immersed in his day job, Arjun likes to indulge in the one vocation that’s been a constant throughout — storytelling. The gent who dedicated his life to educating the young India in a holistic manner loves to explore the world and present it through his words. With food and travel being close to his heart, we set out to traverse through his world of discoveries with #DSSCFridgeDiaries.

DSSC’s Fridge Diaries is your inside scoop on the food habits of the country’s milieu of crème de la crème individuals. Breakfast to supper, binge eating to cleanse, water to wine, we track a culinary day in their lives, revealing the coup on how these powerhouse peeps wield their forks. The Fridge Diaries investigate their refrigerator to get a lowdown on their food quirks and explore their personal foodscape.