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Craving mango? Check out these spots in Delhi for their seasonal mango menu

Confused about where to go in Delhi to make the most out of the mango season? Here is a list of the best places to enjoy a special mango menu.
Mango Menu in Delhi

Summer is synonyms with mango. Be it a mango cut in long pieces, diced into cubes, enjoying the pulp on the seed, gulping down bowls of aam ras, or even a chilled tangy glass of aam panha – mango is consumed in multiple ways in households across the country. However, if you are also bored of eating mangoes the usual way like us, join the  queue. After a point, the only way we crave mangoes is in beautiful desserts. There’s something about the bright, juice, orange coloured fruit with a glossy sheen on top of a cake that visually draws us to the dessert than actually eating it for the mango. If you also resonate with us, this list of places offering a seasonal mango menu in Delhi is bookmark-worthy!

From refreshing beverages to tantalising desserts, here are the top eateries in Delhi offering a special mango menu that will leave your heart yearning for more.

If you are confused about where to head this summer to devour mangoes in different ways, our mango menu guide in Delhi is the ultimate list!

Mango Raj Kachori at Bhawan

Mango Menu in Delhi

A cold, spicy, and sweet chaat is one of the perfect things to eat in summer. Now add mango to the mix and that is what Bhawan is doing with their mango menu. What caught our eye was the Mango Raj Kachori. Your usual Raj Kachori chaat comprising of potato, chana, chutneys, Bhalla with the goodness of sweet mango in the form of a mango curd and fresh pieces of the fruit. Their mango menu also includes a stuffed mango kulfi, mango-based cocktails, and more.

Mango Desserts at Miam Pâtisserie

Mango Menu in Delhi

Mango’s here and so are the mango desserts at Miam Pâtisserie. A French cloud pâtisserie, Miam Pâtisserie, is run by Chef Bani Nanda and Akshay Handa and they deliver across Delhi-NCR. Their summer menu features a variety of desserts that look too pretty to eat. Some of them on their menu include a mango vanilla crumble, mango cheesecake, fresh mango entrement, Alphonso and vanilla, and much more.

Mango Tres Leches at Fio

Mango Menu in Delhi

Fio in Nehru Place has a summer menu with dishes that heroes the king of fruits – the mango. From summer salads, drinks, to desserts, there’s mango in everything! Their desserts feature the classic mango kulfi but the mango tres leches caught our eye!

Pokè Mango at The Grammar Room

Mango Menu in Delhi

The Grammar Room in Delhi has their new summer menu where they are using local ingredients bin familiar flavours with their own twist and take on dishes. Besides salads, superfoods, coolers, and more, they also have a Pokè Mango Bowl with red rice, smoked salmon, edamame, passion-chilly mangoes, and rice crackers.

Mango and Berry Sun-yay at Mezze Mambo

Mango Menu in Delhi

Mezze Mambo’s summer menu is all about mango. From a labneh with raw mango chutney, a mango avocado salad, mango in curry, toast, to desserts, Chef Megha Kohli has featured the fruit in everything! The Mango and Berry Sun-yay has fresh mango, with mango gelato, berry ice cream, berry compote, nuts, cookie crumble, and more.

Mango Desserts at Mjöl Bake House

Located in Gurgaon, Mjöl Bake House is known for its artisanal bakes. From their mango menu, we picked a dessert which was pairi mango with vanilla custard stuffed inside a brioche bun.

Mango festival at Glaze, Courtyard by Marriott Aravali Resort

Mango Menu in Delhi

Photo: Canva

As a way to celebrate the king of fruits, Glaze at Courtyard by Marriott Aravali Resort has a mango festival till the month of June. From mango-based desserts such as cheesecakes, tarts, scones, macarons to beverages to beat the heat, this menu has everything!

Le Manguier at Monique

Mango Menu in Delhi

Known for its French-style desserts, Monique is all set with their mango menu. They deliver across Delhi-NCR and have all sorts of authentic desserts. From a light coconut, mango, and passion fruit entrement to French cream puffs and even aam ras, they have it all!