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The Bombaykery’s New Pâtisserie Is Everything This City Needs Right Now

Three peeps from two of our favourite cities, Delhi & Bombay, share an affinity for food, an eagerness to create something novel and spread food-comas and smiles along the way. This holy trinity artfully kneaded together by Mitali Sahani, Karan Sahani & Manhar Sabharwal beautifully culminated in the genesis of The Bombaykery. Started as a pop-up in 2015, this cloud bakery wanted to show Delhi that “Bombay isn’t just a city, it’s a way of life” and two years later their masterpieces have the city baked (oh come on, you know what we mean). Giving in to the clamouring hands over their desserts, they decided a second outing was in order to continue whetting people’s appetite for stellar desserts, and are now opening a pâtisserie at CyberHub, Gurgaon.

A conversation over cutting-cheese in Switzerland about the capital’s culinary scene lead them to recognise the need for high quality, inexpensive desserts delivered to the comfort of homes and offices. Weaving the concept around quality over quantity and variety over mass, it was clear from the start that this humble venture was here to set itself apart. Showcasing a-grade ingredients in their full glory and flawless baking techniques, The Bombaykery creates mini desserts served with a frosting of love. Aiming to stay true to their roots and show the city some fine creativity without being “too overly innovative or too much of a French pâtisserie”, they came up with creations  which are amusing to the palate yet make you feel at home. The zealously passionate pâtissier and the hands behind The Bombaykery – Mitali Sahani incorporated her culinary training at International Culinary Center, New York, experience with the Dominique Ansel (the gent who brought the cronut to this world) and her mother’s bakery Not Just Desserts By Sabina, in Bombay to create welcoming flavours tailor-made to our dessert desires.

Bringing mini desserts in a city void of mignardises, Mitali shares “We wanted everyone to try diverse flavours and textures instead of having to stick to one, and our dessert boxes offer just that.” Aiming to prove ‘Good things come in small packages’,  The Bombaykery has been successful in creating a dent in the big bad baking world with its petite sized desserts and punctual delivery. Manhar Sabharwal – the gent from Delhi who is responsible for the flawless delivery platform and giving us competition with his satirical humour shares, “It’s imperative the customers receive everything in right form, temperature, and time. Most desserts are finished upon receiving the order, so it takes longer but we want it to reach you fresh and in pristine condition.”

When one customer asks for a brick & mortar, you smile and thank them. When 5241735 patrons ask for a brick & mortar space, you’re driven with relentless ambition to make it happen. Karan Sahani – the gent from Bombay juggling day and night jobs like Batman and sharing  their drool-worthy story on Instagram, shares, “When this CyberHub location came along, we knew it was right for us. It’s not a mall, it’s not Green Park, but has it’s own experience and is unique being the only stand-alone, hexagonal, whole-me space in the area. It’s small and cosy but ideally located.” Sure it comes with its own set of challenges of sky high rents and friendly competition just a few steps away but Karan is confident in the quality of his product and counters these challenges with a grin, “Every brand has it’s own story to share and we think there is enough space for us to tell ours.”

Launching a savoury menu inspired by Bombay nibbles, you can say wow to a whole lot of paos! Keeping in line with their concept of mini desserts, the savoury food will also be similar sized and proportioned right for your 5pm hunger pangs or post dinner snacks (is that just us?). Vada Pao, Keema Pao, Pao Bomb, Egg Croissant, Quiches – and that’s just a glimpse of their new menu. If that isn’t incentive enough, they are also introducing new entremets like Sunset, Frasier and Cake Satin. Made with passion fruit, coconut, salted caramel, and valrhona chocolate, we were in love with Cake Satin in the first spoonful and #DSSCRecommends you hit the store to get a whole lot of this and more. Cherry on the top? Hot from the oven cookies baked right in front of you (Don’t leave without their Nutella & Sea salt Cookie, just don’t).

Opening doors soon five steps away from the Cyber Hub garden, the store already has us daydreaming of mini dessert picnics. Are you ready for the launch? We sure are, as we’ve already booked a small permanent corner in the pâtisserie as our second home.