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Exhibits you must-see at India Design ID 2024

Planning to visit India Design ID 2024? Here are some exhibits you should not skip.
Exhibits you must see at India Design ID 2024

We got a sneak peek of India Design ID 2024, and we’re here to flesh out all the details and our personal favourites from the event.

For all those who don’t already know, India Design ID is the nation’s premier decor and design event taking place between February 15th to 18th, 2024. This four-day event promises to be a melting pot of design, ideas, and trends, spotlighting the brightest minds in global architecture and interior design.

As you enter, you’ll find an interactive rug tufting section by Jaipur Rugs, allowing you to use a tufting machine to create your designs or write your names (here’s your ‘I was here’ moment). Right behind this tufting station, if you’re craving a bite, Le Cantine has got you covered.

Moving towards what you may find inside the space, here’s all that you should see.

Our top favourites that you should not skip at India Design ID 2024

exhibits at India Design ID week 2024

Soil at India Design ID 2024

In the ‘Colour and Material Intelligence’ section, you’ll find several multidimensional exhibits designed around a theme.


A beige, brown exhibit, hits you with a whiff of ‘geeli mitti’ as soon as you walk in, which truly acts as a pleasant surprise. It feels almost like you’ve been transported to Tulum with the structures and colours of the exhibit. The exhibit is an ode to soil and its versatility as a medium of design and art.

Goblin Mode

A mix of fabrics, screens and structures, Goblin Mode immediately makes you want to have fun and go a little out of the box. Set up as a playroom, it’s a must-visit. The exhibit represents liberation from anxieties fuelled by social media and unrealistic societal standards. The space acts as a sanctuary of calm and authenticity.

Indo Futurism

While not too interactive, it is defined by intricate structures with a light illuminating it from within. The retro-futuristic aesthetic of the exhibit boldly marries elements of nostalgia with technology. It’s a celebration of our heritage.

Calcutta Paris

As we walked further into the space, what stood out was the Asian Paints and Sabyasachi exhibit called ‘Calcutta Paris’ for Nilaya. With two sections to the exhibit, the vibes are starkly that of Calcutta and Paris respectively. As you enter the first exhibit, you’re almost transformed into a royal living room. With a gorgeous chandelier hanging from the ceiling, the lounge chairs with armrests shaped like the head of a tiger dinner table, beautifully upholstered couches, to the finest details like a candlelit centre table, it’s truly the world of Sabyasachi. The second exhibit immediately transports you to a dinner in Paris, with a long dinner table in the centre adorned with beautiful flowers, the two chandeliers hanging over them and the detailing on the wallpaper, all it was missing was a few macarons and the view of the Eiffel tower.

Exhibit by Apartment 9

This exhibit immediately transports you to a house in Beverly Hills. A black marble bar, a black and white dining room, and my personal favourite, the bathroom design. With corners filled up with Tom Ford perfumes and a see-through shoe closet, it was as though Sex and the City and Breakfast at Tiffany’s collaborated on this exhibit and brought the best of both worlds to life.

Other exhibits at ID you should catch

Want to be transported to a Souk in Marrakech? Head to the exhibit by the carpet cellar and walk through beautiful carpets all around you!

Maximalism takes a break as you enter the exhibit by Etreluxe, showcasing a modern, sleek, and minimal open-concept kitchen. It truly got me wishing I could bake a few cookies in the oven!

But there’s something for everyone at the end of the day. Enter a Bohemia paradise at the India Lounge by Within. From the music to the details of the exhibit, it felt like I was a part of a Bohemia dream, maybe even at a beachside, but I’ll leave you to daydream on this one.

Lladró’s exhibit adds a pop of colours and fun with the concept of Soft Blown, a collaboration between Nichetto Studios and Lladró—a collection composed of two lamps, the Afloat chandelier and the Airbloom table lamp. The collection takes inspiration from the convivial spirit of balmy, sunny days when streets are lined with performance artists effortlessly crafting colourful and intricate balloon creations.

Koy by Kunaal Khyaan Seolekar blends opulence with a contemporary twist. Its bold and playful aesthetic pays homage to our cultural heritage. But I could imagine the couch being one at a beach villa in Goa.

On Paper of Paper exhibit at India Design ID 2024

On Paper of Paper exhibit at India Design ID 2024

Ankon Mitra’s ‘On Paper Of Paper’ is one that’s hard to digest. Structures made from paper almost don’t look like paper at all, and I was left stunned at the display. It brings together over 70 artists from across the country, presenting their paper works as installations, hanging pieces, and wall art.

At the ID collectables, you can find exhibits by some of India’s best, Atelier by Ashiesh Shah, Rooshad Shroff, Viya, and Demuro Das’ exhibits scream quiet luxury and minimal design that makes an impact. After all, less is always more.

If by the end of your walk through all our top favourites, you find yourself craving some food, head to either Aku’s for some burgers, Fig for some coffee and bites, Plats for an elevated meal, Caara for their well-known meals, and if you want to try out something new, Neighbors Goa is serving at ID India Design, and trust me they never disappoint.