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Father’s Day: 10 Movies To Watch With Your Dad

Cinema has given us a variety of father figures: protective; overprotective; negligent; absent; loving; and at times disappointing, at others, disappointed. What remains consistent is the fact that they are all flawed in their own ways, just as IRL. We hero-worship them when we’re children, only to learn to see them as all too human in our adulthood. There is no crash-course in being a father, therefore it is important to remember that they all try to be just good enough for their kids, if not the best, as they learn to get better at it with each passing day. This Father’s Day, #DSSCRecommends 10 movies on fatherhood that you can enjoy with your old man.


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Honourable mentions: Bicycle Thieves; There Will Be Blood; The Royal Tenenbaums; The Pursuit of Happyness; Tree of Life.


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