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Music Top 5: Amp It Up With Niharika Jain (Part Deux)

Here’s to another round of tracks I recently discovered! This selection is a little different from the last – it leans toward the casual, chill, laid-back vibe that turns into the house party rager we are all too familiar with (but only with those who are your closest main peeps).


Hot Fave Track No. 1

Sassy, snappy, soft, sultry, and straight up sexy – I’ve had this on repeat for a while now. As the track starts with a chorus, you’re hooked for the next three minutes. Which I daresay is major, given the impatient world we live in.

I love how the sweet voice of Kiiara has you thinking it’s a love song, but upon closer examination and all metaphors deciphered, you realise it’s far from it. It’s a stinging remark on an ex-lover who did her wrong. Nothing is more thrilling than the scorned heart, of perhaps once a sweetheart, standing up for something that has been stomped over. What makes this track uber sexy is not just the ice-cold lyrics but also the simplicity of it – pure vocals supported by a basic bass line and a beat with a chilling hiss/tsk snare that kicks in during the chorus. Never has such a cold track felt so hot before.


Hot Fave Track No. 2

On a roll with songs about broken hearts and coping – but this one’s more optimistic. The off beat vocals with that sweet Jamaican drawl will have you smiling and swaying in no time. Its bittersweet, yet makes you do what you do best – shake it off, stay focused, and move forward. With the reggae-like soulful voice, you’ll be getting low on the floor with drinks raised in the air, drinking away your sorrows. The xylophone, both melodic and percussive, gives an upbeat tune, perfect for the flight you board on your getaway vacation to a tropical island. The trumpets in the back cheer your triumph over routine as you finally get out. Not to mention, there is something enticing about remedying drinks with Pine & Ginger that translate your  “oh eff it” moment into  booking your flight tickets. Have a listen and you’ll be dancing with your closest friends in no time.


Hot Fave Track No. 3

Time to channel your inner old gangsta now.

This freshest of the freshest find has hip-hop/rap with strong reggae influences that gets your booty moving. With Kojo Funds sampling the infamous “Informer” chorus, the track blends in the old school raw dancehall with the rich & lush Afro swing vibe and beat. I love the simplicity of the beat, bass & vocals, and a melody that lends itself to plenty opportunities for girl gang choreo complete with epic dabs, hand on your hip snappy glares, hair flips, and slow walk aways. Sing along to the “One time, two time” catchy choruses, because why dance to a song if you’re not singing along? Turn up the volume for this one.


Hot Fave Track No. 4

Let’s dial things up now, shall we. Pause reading and first click on the music link and resume reading at roughly a minute into the track. Now, let me set the scene for you:

It’s girls’ night and you’re in your PJs. You’re done bitching with your girls about your ex, you’re exhausted, and the wine has replaced the blood in your veins. Cue: Choreograph. You need this track for the phoenix you suddenly feel like after coughing up all the anger out. The music is happy, like the break of dawn and the chorus moves into a loud forte. The marimbas and cymbals match the beat of your broken heart, and that favourite cry chorus chimes the soundtrack to your new life. You shake off your sorrows (well, for 5 minutes and 45 seconds at least) and bust out your inner sass-zillla, chanting to yourself “you’re better than this”. The bass voices (2:18) in the choir are empowering and bolster your drunken balancing skills as you sway like a tower on that couch.

As it starts to build up, the addictive beat has you swimming in the bass and its ripples. This simply layered percussive track with voices repeating in call and response, and then right at 4:16, it’s raw, wild and booming beats. Eyes shut, dance hard.


Hot Fave Track No. 5

The first release from his latest album (Migration) isn’t the freshest, but definitely a favourite; and it’s pertinent to revisit your favourites. Music is healing and has the ability to transport you to a memory or a sanctuary. This track takes me to the place where I can cut out all the noise and just dance. Bonobo, to me, is synonymous with beautiful and meditative music.

The use of harps, electro jazz loops, soothing sounds of the string instruments coupled with powerful choir vocal samples engulfs you by his compositional genius. Multilayered, he plays with going on and off beat in a whimsical fashion, which comes together perfectly. This track lives up to his famous reputation of creating music that sparks your heartbeat up into rhythm again.

And with that, I leave you with my latest top 5 on repeat.


Niharika is known in the capital city for her forward-thinking design aesthetic and relentless passion to discover indie & international music gems. When not kicking some serious ar$e at the Brewhouse, she is found documenting #OurCity through her lens or her paintbrush.