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Nut Milk: Go Nuts With These Fantastic Options in Delhi-NCR

Amid the FDA crackdown on the nomenclature of nut milk, the fact holds they are what they are a delicious alternative to dairy milk. Nut milk captures the interest of two sets of people: those who consciously adopt a cruelty-free approach towards food and drink, and those who cruise towards a vegan lifestyle due to the growing food allergies and intolerances. And as far as intolerances go, a study shows that three out of four Indians have no milk tolerance, which arises from their inability to digest milk sugars called lactose. The reason of choice notwithstanding, #DSSCRecommends top five nut milk brands available in #OurCity.



Sain adds a diverse range of flavours to the almond milk pantry. Pick from their seven ‘stories’ narrated with healthy ‘characters,’ each surprising the palate and opening up a world of possibilities. Take a break from artificially flavoured milk that stays on supermarket shelves for long without refrigeration, and say hi to The Cardamom Story, The Cacao Story, or The Kafeccino Story which, as the names suggest are flavoured with cardamom (and dates), cacao (and hazelnut), and coffee (and macadamia nuts) respectively. The Seeded Story oozes with the goodness of pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, almonds etc, making the perfect replacement for milk in your smoothie.

It is however, the The Tropical Story with characters such as pineapple, coconut, almonds, that holds us in awe. We’re thinking of sipping on virgin Pina Coladas by the day, and spiking them up when the day ends. Sain also offers two flavours that are light on the palate – The Vanillin Story and The Original story. With fresh batches being rolled out every day, Sain is a nut milk brand worth giving a go.

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Lose wallet weight worth Rs.145-160 for a bottle.


Raw Pressery

When Team DSSC sets out to explore the supermarket shelves, we search high and low and everywhere in between, and stumble upon gems that make our culinary journey worthwhile. On one such expedition, we struck gold with Raw Pressery’s Cacao Almond Milk, a guilt-free option for the hunger pang that demands immediate attention post a killer workout at the gym. While Turmeric Latte was trending elsewhere in the world, the folks at Raw Pressery were secretly concocting its cold and dairy-free cousin, the golden hued Turmeric Almond Milk. Not up your alley? Try their Coffee Almond Milk when cold coffee ‘o’ clock strikes.

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Lose wallet weight worth Rs. 100 for a 250 ml bottle.



Stevie gave up carbs for an Antidote cleanses, and close on the heels of that, we’re making plans to try Antidote ‘mylks’ and add them to our cuppa joe and chai at the DSSC HQ instead of cow milk. They offer Original Almond Mylk with coconut nectar and vanilla bean extract which is creamy, delicious, and free of cholesterol, corn syrup, aspartame, sucralose, or other preservatives.

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Lose wallet weight worth Rs. 200 for a 250 ml bottle.


All Nut

Also in the race is All Nut, delivering Unsweetened Almond Milk and lightly sweetened Vanilla Almond Milk. For an added aroma and zing to your daily almond milk their Cinnamon Almond Milk fits the bill. Keep track of their seasonal favourites to taste some exciting new flavours. #DSSCTopTip: Ask for raw sugar or coconut sugar when you place an order. While at it also try their Turmeric Almond milk that is combined with the anti-inflammatory goodness of ginger and balanced with raw sugar.

Drop in at Call 9910994234 to place an order.

Lose wallet weight worth Rs. 800 + delivery charges for four bottles.



If you’d like to drink almond milk every day and would rather have a larger pack backed with an organic certification, try Europapea. They currently make sweetened and unsweetened Original Almond Milk, both of which are available in 1 litre cartons that last longer. While the former is made using organic cane sugar, the latter is a sugarless and low-calorie option, ideal for weight watchers.

Europapea Vegan almond milk contains mountain spring water from the Lessini Mountains of Northern Italy and organic almonds from Sicily. They also add organic carob seed flour to naturally thicken and enrich the product.

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Lose wallet weight worth Rs. 390 for 1 litre.


If you whip up some amazing goodies using nut milk in your kitchen share your experiments and recipes with us at


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