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Picture Wala


Logo credits and thank you to The Filmy Owl!

Picture Wala is a moving entertainment circus that travels to different parts of the country to entertain the children on our streets & slums. We work with these children with the vision to entertain, connect and inspire creativity and a sense of community through different creative learning experiences.

With over 100,000 children on the streets in Delhi, there are growing concerns of these children no longer having a way to discover culture. Alongside economic poverty, we are witnessing the challenge of cultural poverty. To tackle this growing issue, our mission is to get our children within the folds of culture & meaningful entertainment through the mediums of cinema, art, sports, food, music, theatre & comedy.

Our Workshops

Open Air Cinema

Art & Craft

Educational Excursions




If you are an actor, dancer, student, singer, sportsman, artist, corporate organisation, restaurant, home maker, working professional, existing NGO – Let’s collaborate!