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DSSC S.U.P.W. IS A THROWBACK! It aims to celebrate​ creativity and learning; online and offline.

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As young adults, we were always involved in artistic and creative learning activities. They were seamlessly integrated into our routines and school curriculums as S.U.P.W. As we grew older, we stopped making time for this and thought it best conducted by skilled experts.

SU.P.W. is a trademark property that hosts a series of workshops aimed at reminding people of the joy of learning something new. We want to use DSSC S.U.P.W. as an opportunity to showcase some of the city’s alternate learnings in the field of art, culture, entertainment or fitness.

S.U.P.W. classes include: Bouldering Masterclass, Pole Fitness with Vesna Jacobs, Classic Cocktail Crash Course, Football Tournament, How to Cook with Alcohol etc.

Curious. Discerning. Spending. Intelligent. Engaging.

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