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DSSC presents The Gin Express

8 June 2019 was World Gin Day. 4 gins, 4 bars, 40 gin enthusiasts on the most epic gin-crawl the city’s seen!

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DSSC wanted to host a special celebration for all the gin enthusiasts in New Delhi with some of their favourite brands.

DSSC hosted the country’s first-ever gin crawl with 4 gins, 4 bars and 40 gin enthusiasts.

The gins included ​Bombay Sapphire, Caorunn Gin, Greater Than and Hendrick’s.

Artusi Ristorante e Bar, PDA, Kiara Soul Kitchen and Shibuya Food & Bar were 4 stops for The Gin Express.

Sepoy Tonic Water, As Simple As Pie, Emoi, Darima Farms and Antidote were brand partners for the night.

The country’s first gin crawl brought limelight to the variety of gins in the city and the bars of GK II Market.

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