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Today’s Special

Today’s Special is our proactive response to support & kickstart movement in New Delhi’s F&B industry. As the hospitality industry grapples with navigating through an uncertain and evolving pandemic & recession, DSSC launched TODAY’S SPECIAL!

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This concept is a series of immersive at-home experiences, crafted to thrill the curious and creative consumer. The idea is to offer a curated and comfortable platform to reconnect brands we love and customers they love. We carefully screen and collaborate with brands to serve hospitality experiences in a protected home environment, served with trademark DSSC éclat.

This ain’t a regular food delivery or online campaign, it’s a wholesome DSSC curation that respects and acknowledges the stay-at-home living, a format that has no tangible end-date in sight.

All editions have sold out within hours of it being launched and this feedback is an encouraging signal for us and a positive indicator for the ecosystem.

Brands include: Plats, Bombay Sapphire, Diva, Bira 91, Bili Hu, As Simple As Pie, Biryani Central, Brewhouse, Svami, Darima Cheese, The Artful Baker, Baking Bad, Motly Inc., Slurrp Farm, Whyte Farms, Zoet Dessert, Atmosphere, Vahdam Teas, Raw Pressery, Fruit Box & Co., Beanly.

Curious. Discerning. Spending. Intelligent. Engaging.

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