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Sarah Todd Shares A Dash Of Her Nosh With #DSSCFridgeDiaries

She made sure you were pinned to your television screens while MasterChef Australia Season 6 was on air. She has wowed you with her culinary master strokes at Antares, Goa, and more recently at The Wine Company, Delhi. She hates food waste and strongly resonates with our philosophy of using up leftovers. We fill up our wine glasses and settle on the couch to chat with Sarah Todd, the damsel who loves spicy Indian chaat and luscious gulab jamuns. With #DSSCFridgeDiaries we take a peek into the shelves of Sarah’s refrigerator and get a slice of her daily pie. But before we begin, we must share Sarah’s love for broccoli knows no bounds; such is her love for the vegetable that she even managed to convince her son Phoenix that broccoli is dessert.

DSSC’s Fridge Diaries is your inside scoop on the food habits of the country’s milieu of crème de la crème individuals. Breakfast to supper, binge eating to cleanse, water to wine, we track a culinary day in their lives, revealing the coup on how these powerhouse peeps wield their forks. The Fridge Diaries investigate their refrigerator to get a lowdown on their food quirks and explore their personal foodscape.