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Our Capabilities

We blend strategy, creativity & unconventional

1. Brand Strategy

We build inventive & pragmatic marketing solutions around Launch, Content, Market Positioning, Consumer Segmentation & Influencer Evaluation.


Trust us when we say: You want us on your team.


View our work for:
1. Sipsmith India Launch
2. Stranger & Sons Delhi Launch
3. BMW iX India Launch

2. Events & Experiences

We have a reputation for delivering original, detailed and creative experiences across India. Now, that’s a reputation we work hard at keeping.


Our network of creative, brand and production professionals work on multi-city brand launches, networking events, large-scale festival and more.


If you’re seeking template solutions, you’ve come to the wrong house.


View our work for:
1. X by Glenmorangie
2. Shantanu & Nikhil
3. Bombay Sapphire

3. Digital Marketing

61.5% of digital traffic are bots. The Ideas Lab helps brands market to the 38.5%. From an omnichannel content strategy to wicked copywriting to content amplification we make brands stand out via engaging storytelling.


Our logic is simple – Be specific, so that people find you. If you’re good, they’ll tell everyone they know.


View our work for:
1. Windows 11 | #BringsYouCloserToWhatYouLove
2. Microsoft Surface | #OriginalByDesign
3. Diageo | #RaisingThe Bar

4. Influencer Marketing

The way we consume content is changing. The way consumers interact with platforms is changing. So should you.


We help brands evaluate the kind of creator, define performance metrics, build the brief & messaging, produce, amplify, and evaluate. Collaboration has never been more exciting.


View our work for:
1. BMW i4 | India Launch
2. AMD | #BuiltforPerformance
3. Slurrp Farm | #ZeroJunkPromise

5. Insights & Reports

Your product is not for everybody. From focus groups to online surveys, we help brands define the what, where, how, who backed on market and consumer research.


This vertical is under embargo and confidentiality. Our open-source work can be viewed here.

6. The Lab Mag

It’s what you share. Not what you sell. Our content is built for a niche, discerning viable and spending reader vs. mass.


From reviews, recommendations, industry news and case studies, be a regular patron of The Lab Mag here.

7. Video Production

When building a long term brand, you can’t rely on hacks and shortcuts. If you’re in the long game, these hacks are nothing but punctuation.


From pre-production, scripting, shoot and post-production, our unconventional video campaigns bring brands to powerful life.

Let’s Collaborate

We bring good brands closer to a
discerning & curious audience.