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Back to school with S.U.P.W. 2021!

Welcome to the 2021 programme of our annual summer school, DSSC S.U.P.W.
These creative workshops cater to those looking for a productive break and explore a new skill. S.U.P.W. workshops are a fun reminder of the joy of learning something new that may tickle your curious fancy. You can view the previous workshops here and here
Typically, June is vacation time and we aim to recreate that discovery of something new, at home. This year, all 17 S.U.P.W. workshops will be conducted online and 100% proceeds aid COVID-relief work by Hemkunt Foundation.
Hemkunt Foundation is a non-government organisation that aims to provide humanitarian aid to marginalized sections of society across India. Their guiding principle is ‘Welfare For All’ and the relief work includes disaster relief, access to education etc. They have and continue to go above and beyond to provide relief during the ongoing pandemic. It is a privilege to support and help their noble work this year. Meet the team behind this incredible foundation here. You can watch a message from them here.
Welcome to S.U.P.W. 2021 #CraftsForACause

You can access all registration links here:
Here are more details for each workshop that we look forward to hosting you at!
1. There’s no place like OM | Yoga with Tanvi Mehra 
This mobility flow yoga workshop is conducted by professional dancer and yoga instructor, Tanvi Mehra. This Hatha yoga flow will help you open up those stressed hips and spine. Learn how to practice energising pranayama and relaxing savasana. 
When: Wednesday, June 2, 6 pm – 7 pm
Facilitator: Tanvi Mehra
Fee: Rs. 499/-
Plus: Complimentary yoga session with Tanvi
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2. Montessori for Children with Shivani Babbar
This is designed for parents to understand the emotional and learning needs of their children between 3-12  years. The workshop will cover engaging, easy to organise, hands-on activities for kids at home and address how they think and process emotions. Shivani has over 18 years of experience in Montessori learning. All participants get a complimnetary book from HarperCollins. 
When: Thursday, June 3, 6 pm – 7 pm
Facilitator: Shivani Babbar
Fee: Rs. 499/-
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3. Sushi Masterclass with Shibuya & Oregano Thief
This masterclass is an easy to follow, step by step guide to learn the art of sushi making and sushi etiquette with Simi Kohli from Shibuya. You’ll also get a DIY sushi kit from Oregano Thief (priced Rs. 900) that includes: Nori Sheet, Sushi Rice, Rice Vinegar, Soya Sauce, Mayonnaise, Spicy Mayo Mix, Black Sesame Seeds, Disposable Rolling sheet, Wasabi, Chopsticks.
When: Saturday, June 5, 5 pm-6 pm
Facilitator: Simi Kohli
Fee: Rs. 699/-
Plus: Complimentary DIY sushi kit from Oregano Thief (worth Rs. 900)
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4. Coffee Appreciation with Bili Hu
This workshop is designed to educate you on all things coffee. The workshop will cover artisanal coffee brewing at home, India’s coffee agriculture, an easy demo of coffee makers, coffee recipes you can try at home followed by tips and tricks from Bharat Singhal from Bili Hu. 
When: Sunday, June 6, 12 pm-1 pm      
Facilitator: Bharat Singhal
Fee: Rs. 499/-
Plus: 4 complimentary Bili Hu cold-brew sachets and recipe cards
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1. Optimise Social Media Spends with Miss Manage
Natasha from Miss Manage and Priyal from Doyen Oink Consulting will educate us on how to budget for social media marketing and get the maximum ROI out of your social media spends.
When: Thursday, June 10, 6 pm – 7 pm    
Facilitator: Natasha Kewalramani & Priyal Sheth-Kilachand
Fee: Rs. 499/-
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2. Asian Cuisine Masterclass with TK’s Oriental Grill, Hyatt Regency Delhi
This easy-to-follow Asian cuisine masterclass will share authentic recipes for Teriyanki Vegetables (+ protein substitutes) and Red Curry. You also gain access to an exclusive 50% discount code for home delivery from Hyatt Regency Delhi*
When: Saturday, June 12, 5 pm- 6 pm
Facilitator: Chef Amit Rohilla 
Fee: Rs. 699/-
Plus: Exclusive 50% discount code for home delivery from Hyatt Regency Delhi*
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*Applicable on home deliveries between 3 pm -7 pm
3. Wine & Cheese Appreciation with Darima Farms & Tulleeho
Ever find yourself wondering what to look for when purchasing wine? 
Learn basic wine vocabulary, etiquette, storage, glassware etc. with Tulleeho. You also learn about different types of cheese, storage tips, how to craft a cheese platter, essential pairings and a complimentary sampler box from Darima Farms.
When: Sunday, June 13, 6 pm – 7 pm     
Facilitator: Madhu Rajigani from Tulleeho and Arvind Chawla from Darima Farms
Fee: Rs. 499/-
Plus: Complimentary cheese sampler box from Darima Farms
Sign up here
*Deliveries restricted to Delhi NCR only. Registration closes on 9th June. 
1. Pilates Power Hour with Vesna Jacob
This is a no-equipment, at-home pilates workshop with celebrity fitness expert, Vesna Jacob. Vesna will walk you through meditation through movement, aligning your breathing and centering exercises for your mind and body.
When: Wednesday, June 16, 7 pm-8 pm                    
Facilitator: Vesna Jacob 
Fee: Rs. 499/-
Sign up here
2. At-Home Petcare with Heads Up For Tails 
This workshop will be your guide to being a paw-fect pet parent! It will cover how to understand your pooches’ physical and emotional needs better. A segment on grooming & hygiene as well as mentally stimulating exercises for your fluffy friend. You’ll also receive complimentary Yummy In My Tummy Dog Biscuits from HUFT.
When: Thursday, June 17, 6 pm-7 pm                  
Facilitator: Rashi Narang 
Fee: Rs. 499/-
Plus: Complimentary Yummy In My Tummy Dog Biscuits from HUFT
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3. Breakfast of Champions with CAARA 
This is your guide to a scrumptious breakfast. Learn three incredible #BreakfastOfChampions recipes like Classic Shakshuka, Gluten-Free Ragi and Palm Jaggery Pancakes in an easy to follow format. Will also focus on gluten-free and dairy-free alternatives. This includes a complimentary pancake mix, with love from CAARA.
When: Saturday, June 19, 5 pm-6 pm                     
Facilitator: Alice Helme & Ambika Seth
Fee: Rs. 699/-
Plus: Complimentary pancake mix from CAARA
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4. Gut Health with Nourish Organics
This S.U.P.W. class will help you understand the science behind keeping your gut healthy & happy. The workshop includes tips from the experts at Nourish Organics and recipes you can try at home. You also get a goodie box from Nourish Organics.
When: Sunday,  June 20, 12 pm- 1 pm                   
Facilitator: Seema and Nikita Jajodia
Fee: Rs. 499/-
Plus: Complimentary goodie box from Nourish Organics
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1. Styling with Sanjana Batra
Understand your body type and different silhouettes! This S.U.P.W. class will cover how to invest in basics and elevate your look, what to cop v/s what to not, and how to build your unique signature style.
When: Thursday, June 24, 6 pm-7 pm      
Facilitator: Sanjana Batra
Fee: Rs. 499/-
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2. TGIF with Ranveer Brar 
This workshop is an easy to follow, a 60-minute crash course on cooking the perfect Kathal Biryani with everyone’s favourite chef, Ranveer Brar. Perfecting meal preparation to presentation and how to stock up on pantry staples. 
When: Friday, June 25, 7 pm – 8 pm       
Facilitator: Ranveer Brar
Fee: Rs. 599/-
Sign up here
3. Anyone Can Bake with Theobroma
Learn the signature brownie recipe, no bake creme brûlée and an orange-chocolate mousse and  from Kainaz Messman, Founder of Theobroma. You’ll get a box of complimentary brownies from Theobroma.
When: Saturday, June 26, 5 pm – 6 pm       
Facilitator: Kainaz Messman
Fee: Rs. 699/-
Plus: Complimentary brownies from Theobroma
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4. Holistic Skincare Masterclass with Dr Kiran
This workshop will focus on understanding your skin type and skin care needs with Dr Kiran. It will include FAQs and busting myths around skincare, DIY skincare tutorials & how to read your labels better when to junk your products as well as at-home foot care. 
When: Sunday, June 27, 12 pm – 1 pm  
Facilitator: Dr Kiran 
Fee: Rs. 499/-
Plus:  A 20% discount code for consultation & treatment
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