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Surviving Fashion Week with Rasna Bhasin: The Fashion Star Child Spills Her Secrets

Fashion week, with the allure of the ensemble on the runway, the scores of celebrities and impact makers in tow, and the incessant camera flashes, amps up the über glamorous quotient with each consecutive season. However, behind all the shine lay the sweat and tears of everyone involved – journalists scurrying to make sure they don’t miss a single detail, models walking miles on the runway, stylists making sure each outfit is on point, choreographers getting each step right, PR and event personnel pulling out all the stops to execute plans to a T, choreographers and set designers striving to ensure both the fashion designers and the attendees coming to view their collections are pleased with the ambience created.

Given the high-powered and packed schedule, we were eager to find out how to best survive this stressful week. Looking to bring you calm at the sight of this (rather agreeable) storm, we sought out the capital’s latest dame de la mode – who we last spoke to on #DSSCFridgeDiariesRasna Bhasin. This young industry whiz and ever-present gem on the Indian fashion circuit reveals all her tips, tricks, and hacks to effortlessly float through this action-packed week.


Featured Image Courtesy: Nayantara Parikh