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Theatre Performances Making May Magnolious

It’s May (in case the brief showers last week had you thinking we’ve skipped to July) and we are back with #DSSCRecommends to bring you ace theatre performances you cannot miss this month! From satirical to historical, it’s looking like a month with intense performances, so let’s not get may-licious about the summer sun and instead focus our energies on something to broaden our horizons. DSSC scoured #OurCity and cherry picked performances you’d want to book your calendar for. Book your tickets pronto, because we sure are!


Saksham Theatre Festival: May 5 – 7

One of Delhi’s most active theatre groups, Saksham, is a team of inspired artists putting together compelling performances. Saksham Theatre Festival continues the celebration in May with three unique performances directed by Sunil Rawat that come with a side of a thought provoking message. ‘Toba Tek Singh’, ‘Noor Mahal’, and ‘Khamoosh! Adalat Jari Hai’, touch some heart warming issues. From war to gender discrimination and family dedication to power exploitation, these plays will stay etched in your memories for not just on-stage performances but for their well articulated stories.

Book your tickets here and head over to India Habitat Centre, Delhi from May 5 to 7, at 7:30pm.


Futureproof: May 6 – 14

Guild Of The Goat is presenting one of Lynda Radley’s hit plays – Futureproof, a story set during the last gasp of a circus Freak Show. Bringing to life the struggles faced by once-appreciated nature’s miracles now regarded as nature’s aberrations, this captivating drama explores the awkward dilemma of the “freak” group. The evolving world put them in a challenging situation where the group couldn’t survive as is, any longer and their solution was to become Futureproof, a little less like themselves and a little more like the world. Thought provoking, this play resonates in today’s world where public persona is everything. Directed by Amba-Suhasini K. Jhala, one of the founders of Guilt Of The Goat, the group is debuting with Futureproof and by the looks of it, it’s not something you’d wanna miss.

Book your tickets here and head over to OddBird Theatre, Delhi from May 6 to 14, at 8pm.


Lives of Others: May 18 – 20

Aiming to put on a show unlike any before, Lives Of Others is creating an experience for the audience to be involved. Produced by DSSC-homegirl Vidushi Mehra and Samar Sarila in collaboration with Airbnb, it also stars Adhiraj Katoch and Sohaila Kapur. A short play focussing on how light and sound can change the perception of the audience will be followed by a Q&A evolving into a theatre workshop. Offering an immersive experience where you can participate, it is an open door for anyone to explore the workings behind the curtain and gain an insight into how directors instil confidence for the character in an actor. Whether a theatre enthusiast or not, it is must-watch this May.

Explore more here and head over to OddBird Theatre, Delhi from May 18 and 20.


Tuglaq: May 27 – 28

A play putting into perspective the reign of Muhammad Bin Tughlaq, it shines light on the thoughts of the man perceived as one of history’s most outrageous and insane leaders. Ordering the displacement of every single soul from Delhi to Daulatabad and then back, he isolated himself, his actions leading people to believe in his madness. Aiming to change the world, he got lost in his mind resulting in the overthrow of his kingdom. The play demonstrates that every person has a streak of Tughlaq, wanting to change the world with their viewpoint and of the mute masses who remained silent but visually aggressive. It is the perfection combination of historical learning and mind tickling message.

Book your tickets here and head over to India Habitat Centre, Delhi from April 27 to 28, at 7pm.


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