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"We extend boundaries of creativity by harnessing the power of online and the intimacy of offline."

A tiny spark – one great idea – is all you need for a big bang.
We started India’s first secretly run supper club in 2013. The first tiny spark. Everything was kept secret to bust an industry myth that founder-driven concepts generate buzz. We said nah…product > person.
Today, The Ideas Lab is a team of creative marketers who love deconstructing brand challenges. We offer award-winning marketing solutions that help brands position themselves better in a crowded market. We transform business and consumer insights into powerful & memorable experiences. We believe the story needs to be simple, the execution must be fun, and the consumer’s curiosity must be tickled.
It’s here that the madhatters unite, over cups of coffee and creative jams aplenty. Here, we tinker about to bring to life inventive, tailor-made solutions.
This is the place where all the magic happens, and this is us throwing our doors open and saying “Welcome to the creative madhouse!”

Meet The Founder

Hey, my name is Shreya Soni and welcome to The Ideas Lab!

I read Economics at Delhi University, India and Economics & Finance at Warwick Business School, England. I started my careers as a Management Consultant at Ernst & Young in London, and continue to live by those spreadsheet-values.

At The Ideas Lab, I lead an enormously talented team that is carving a unique service offering of modern marketing solutions; served with a twist. Enabling brands to tell the good story is my raison d’être. On behalf of a stellar line up of market-leader brands, I get to apply the right and left sides of my brain.

Between this and squishing Zara with uncomfortable hugs, you’ll find me leaning against a boxing ring, couch, coffee machine or a beautiful old tree.

It’s not just visual, but to be able to touch the bark, smell the mitti, invariably a dog cosies up…it’s epiphenomenal.

Hot Off The Press

The Ideas Lab is a creative marketing agency that’s building India’a experience economy.

We craft​ social constructs that bring fascinating brands closer to a targeted, discerning & spending audience.

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