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5 expert tips for building a marketing campaign

Navigating your way through the marketing maze just got a whole lot easier.
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When you walk into a grocery store, you ask for Amul not butter.

In passing conversation, if anyone says “Just do it,” you automatically think of the Nike swoosh.

The fact that Coca-Cola bottles never had Indian names printed on their labels, is not just a shared point of frustration, but also a nostalgic point of reference that most 90’s kids will remember and get.

The statements above aren’t just a random list of facts, but an example of the impact that well-thought-out marketing campaigns can have.

In today’s world, where everyone has access to a smartphone, and multiple platforms that they can use to share and consume information, the business landscape is more competitive than ever before. Consequently, a well-executed marketing campaign is not just a want, but a need that determines the success of a business. It determines whether your brand or your client’s venture gets lost in the onslaught of information or breaks through the clutter.

But where do you start? With innumerable tools, strategies, and platforms at your disposal, single-handedly hosting a last-minute dinner party seems less daunting than crafting an effective marketing campaign. Well, at least it used to, but not anymore.

We have for you five expert tips that won’t just ensure that your marketing campaign is one to remember, but also act as the perfect first steps to help you make your way through the marketing maze.

5 expert tips for building a marketing campaign

1. Identify the key solution you are providing

Aiming to solve a problem through your campaign will help build trust with your potential customers

2. Create buyer personas

Build three to five personas based on traits like your ideal customer’s age, gender, hobbies, occupation, income, and place of residence

3. Leverage social media analytics

The kind of content that gets the most engagement, and the age group which interacts the most with your posts across social media platforms will provide more insight.

4. Study your competitors

To build effective marketing strategies, keep an eye out for what your competitors are doing, and learn from their mistakes and wins. Knowing who their customers are, their approach, and what problems they are solving for also offers valuable insight.

5. Test it out

Build a campaign based on your research, launch it, study your results, and tweak it based on the audience response you get.