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TLM Top 10: Indian vegan ice cream brands we love

The Vegan screams ice cream
Friends cheering to ice cream

Who said vegans can’t scream for ice cream?

Dairy-free and plant-based brands have stepped up their game and set up some seriously delicious ice cream shops all across the country. From the classic flavours to lip-smacking desi spins that will leave you begging for more, they’ve got it all, minus the moo juice.

It’s no secret that the demand for healthier, plant-based foods is skyrocketing. The global health and wellness food market was valued at $841 billion in 2022 and is projected to reach $1 trillion by 2026.

Even our beloved go-to ice cream joints, like Baskin-Robbins, have hopped on the bandwagon, dishing out their popular flavours without a hint of dairy (hello, Mississippi mud-pie!). And let’s not forget the rising stars like White Cub, a standalone vegan brand that’s turning heads with creations like Indian Wedding and Banarasi Paan. Everyone is jumping on board to cater to the plant-based frenzy, and we’re here for it.

Whether you’re vegan, lactose intolerant, or simply adventurous, it’s time to treat yourself to the magic of these dairy-free ice creams. These top vegan ice cream brands in India are here to take us to a world of sweet scoops and vegan dreams!

Ten vegan ice cream brands you must try:

Brooklyn Creamery

Guilt-free, indulgent, low-calorie, high protein…and dairy-free. Need we say more? The vegan options by Brooklyn Creamery, are unbelievably creamy. A personal favourite – Brooklyn’s Cookie Brownie!

White Cub


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A post shared by WhiteCub (@whitecub_india)

With home delivery in Gurugram and Delhi, The White Cub offers several dairy-free food options. The stevia-sweetened vegan ice creams are nothing less than perfection. Try the Berry Punch, Almond Mylk and Cocoa, or Coffee Bite flavours.


Creamy, dreamy, and healthy – Nomou serves plant-based gelatos. Its mother company is Vegan Bites, which serves whole foods and plant-based meals. Available at more than thirty locations pan India, the brand is also the winner of 2022’s PETA Vegan Food Awards. Need we say more?



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A post shared by Minus.30 (@minus.30)

A gelato shop, serving handmade scoops of love, Minus.30 has a few vegan options. Established in 2016, the brand is already well-known and available at outlets across India. Grab a tub of the Dark-Chocolate Vegan and sugar-free ice cream, for a night of guilt-free cravings.

Urban Platter

Ice cream with a twist! Urban Platter offers a delicious Frozen Dessert premix, that you can use to whip up homemade ice cream. All you have to do is whip, add water, and freeze, and voila! Enjoy the creamiest dairy-free vanilla ice cream at home.

Good Juju

Serving several scrumptious options of dairy-free gelatos, Good Juju has quickly made a name for itself in the moo-juice-free world! For the best plant-based desserts, made with almond milk, try their Ferrero Rocher or Peanut Butter and Jelly Swirl flavours, and get transported to the good old days.


If you love your healthy desserts, you’ve heard of NOTO. Offering many low-calorie, sugar-free options, NOTO also has a line of vegan flavours. In the mood for some crunchy, creamy ice cream? Try their Witty Vegan Mocha Almond flavour.


Another purely vegan ice cream brand, delivered in Delhi NCR is Koozies Ice Cream. With zero added sugar, and high protein flavours, Koozies is doing the work of God. Try the Rasberry Slush, it’s the taste of no regret.



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A post shared by Papacream (@papacream.india)

Available in thirty cities and UAE, Papacream is the winner of TOI, and Best Ice Cream PETA Awards, 2019. Their line Popsies by Papacream, offers guilt-free Vegan options for the ice lollies lover. Fruity, yummy and vegan, it’s a summer daydream.



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A post shared by MylkLux Ice Creams (@mylklux)

MylkLux is Raipur’s first hundred per cent Vegan ice cream brand, and we can’t wait for it to set up shop across the country. Their Kesar Mango, Black Current, and Custard Apple flavours are some personal favourites. However, they serve many other interesting flavours, that we’re already in line for.