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#TLMPicks summer food to eat in Mumbai

Your go-to guide on what to eat in Mumbai this summer.
Summer food in Mumbai

As much as I’d like to say summer is just around the corner, it’s not. If you are in Mumbai, you know that the summer has arrived. It’s time to bring out your cotton clothes, slap some sunscreen on your skin, ladies, cover your face with a scarf, and bring out your cotton clothes to soak up the city’s humidity.

The highlight of summer is the arrival of mangoes. A childhood favourite for me has been eating the kala khatta gola or hogging on ice cream just because it is too hot. But our summer favourites include more than just ice cream and go beyond your usual packaged aerated soft drinks.

As part of our #TLMPicks edition, our Mumbai team shares the best spot for all your summer cravings. Expect hidden gems, and ice cream flavours beyond the ordinary.

Mango Cream at Haji Ali Juice Centre

Summer food in Mumbai

Photo: Instagram

Summer is synonymous with mango. Known as a landmark for being a late-night go-to place for fresh fruit juices, milkshakes, desi pizzas, sandwiches, ice cream, and more, Haji Ali Juice Centre doesn’t need an introduction. If you are having the season’s first mango dish, we recommend it to be the Mango Cream at Haji Ali Juice Centre.

Coffee with Pallonji Ice Cream Soda at Cafe Zane’s

Summer food in Mumbai

Photo: Instagram

Cafe Zane’s in Todi Mills’ is known for its food and coffee selection, and for being extremely pet-friendly as it’s run in tandem with a pet grooming and spa on the floor above. To beat the beat try their coffee with Pallonji Ice Cream Soda. The ice cream soda is pure nostalgia in a bottle and what happens when you combine it with coffee? You get Zane’s signature drink which is a mind-blowing combination! Pallonji ice cream soda is paired with Zane’s 20-hour classic cold brew for a perfect drink.

Burnt Chilli Ice Cream at Bachelorr’s

Another quintessential spot in Mumbai has to be Bachelorr’s. Since 1930, the food joint has been known for its ice creams, milkshakes, fruit juices, fresh fruit cream, sandwiches, and more. While they do have a wide range of ice cream, we would suggest looking beyond the usual flavours and trying their chilli ice cream. The slight kick of spice pairs well with the cold sweet ice cream.

Sol Kadhi at Achrekar’s Malvan Katta

To get a taste of authentic Maharashtrian cuisine, sol kadhi at Achrekar’s Malvan Katta hits the right note. This pink-coloured drink is a popular Konkani drink which you can have it with rice or even drink as is. The version here has hints of ginger, which add to the refreshing drink you simply want in the summer. Pair it with a seafood thali to have a complete meal.

Guava Ice cream or Watermelon Sorbet both with Masala at Apsara

Summer food in Mumbai

Photo: Instagram

Apsara has been a premium handcrafted ice cream brand since 1971. With shops in over 25 cities and with 50 plus flavours, Apsara can be found in almost every area of Mumbai. While the brand is known for its pani puri ice cream, a few summer favourites would be their guava ice cream that comes with chilli powder sprinkled on top. For the ones who are lactose intolerant, opt for their watermelon sorbet which comes with chaat masala sprinkled on top. It’s literally a watermelon in a cup.