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what to watch

Have your popcorn at the ready!
Admin2 The Lab Mag
Posted by Admin2 The Lab Mag
March 4, 2024

Watchlist: Explore OTT shows and movies that you might have missed out on

How do you browse OTT platforms? If you are left scrolling because...

Mar 2024
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The Lab Mag
Posted by The Lab Mag
November 20, 2023

6 Indian documentaries that you ought to watch

A common perception of documentary films is that they are informative at...

Nov 2023
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Writer1 The Lab Mag
Posted by Writer1 The Lab Mag
July 7, 2023

TLM Popcorn : What to watch in July

We’re in July, the month of Tom Cruise, Barbie, Rocky, Rani, and...

Jul 2023
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