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Watchlist: Explore OTT shows and movies that you might have missed out on

Have your popcorn at the ready!
A still from a must watch series on Netflix called Hollywood

How do you browse OTT platforms? If you are left scrolling because you can’t decide what to watch, there’s a simple solution to that problem. And no, we don’t mean simply watching whatever is trending or on the TOP 10 list of Netflix India.

We have discovered the depths of Amazon Prime, Netflix, Zee 5, among others, to develop a short but watch-worthy list. These are some shows that have ‘wow-ed’ the TLM team and we can’t stop talking about them. It’s time we recommended them to you to watch them too.


You probably know this show, you probably don’t. But what was Hollywood like post-war? This is a show that you must watch to find out. Set in the 1940s, Hollywood explores the industry politics, the ups and downs of actors’ lives, and the struggles of trying to enter the world of glitz and glam.

It’s a must-watch show for Jim Parsons role, and shows what a brilliant actor he is even when he is not playing Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang Theory.

Watch it on Netflix

Taj: Divided by Blood

A periodic drama series, Taj has two seasons and a gripping story. Ever wondered what was the war of succession for the Mughal throne? The show follows Akbar (played by Naseeruddin Shah)’s three sons. It’s a twisted tale of the struggle for power filled with dangerous politics, poetic beauty, torrid romances, cold betrayal, and bloodshed. It’s a power-hungry political drama set in the Mughal era, and we are here for it.

This is a must-watch TV series for the phenomenal star cast and how the show covers the beauty and brutality of the Mughal dynasty in India.

Watch it on Zee5

Rocket Boys

You may have seen ads for this show, but have you watched it? Rocket Boys is based on the lives of Homi J. Bhabha and Vikram Sarabhai and spans across three decades; 1940s-60s. Showcasing the crucial decades of Indian history, it focuses on how the nation moved forward closer to and after becoming an independent nation.

This is a must-watch OTT series as it is the story of Independent India’s formative years in the field of science.

Watch it on Sony Liv

The Devil Next Door

What if you suddenly found out that your neighbour of many years was a Nazi camp guard? The Devil Next Door is a documentary series that will leave you with goosebumps. The story is about John Demjanjuk, a man accused of war crimes and crimes against humanity carried out while serving as a guard at Nazi extermination camps during World War II.

This is a documentary that you must watch because at every point there is tug-and-pull that leaves you wondering whether he ever was a Nazi guard or not.

Watch it on Netflix


If you are into anime, Aggretsuko should be on your watchlist. In Japanese, the title means Aggressive Retsuko, and is based on the character created by ‘Yeti’ for the mascot company Sanrio. The main character is a red panda and the show showcases how the protagonist navigates through the typical problems encountered by young adults in 21st-century Japan.

You must watch this anime because, well, it’s anime.

Watch it on Netflix


Do you love watching series or movies around love? Easy is an episodic anthology that you should not miss, and it takes you through many stories of modern love. The show follows individuals living in Chicago who are navigating issues around love and relationships.

Don’t miss out on Easy, especially because each episode is a standalone story that does not need a previous watch.

Watch it on Netflix


It’s a post-apocalyptic world where the adults have, well… died. Daybreak has only one season but it’s interesting to see how a 17-year-old is searching for his missing girlfriend among Ghoulies. It’s already tough to survive among the several Mad Max-style gangs, people who have turned into zombie-like creatures called Ghoulies, and the mysterious Baron Triumph.

It’s a must-watch for those who love teen stories.

Watch it on Netflix

Carol & The End of The World

You could call this show an ode to routine. It’s an apocalyptic world and as a planet is headed towards the Earth, everyone’s end is imminent. This has pushed almost everyone to feel liberated but then there are some, like Carol, who are uncomfortable and seek comfort in routine through The Distraction.

It’s a must-watch for those who love animated series, a routine, and a unique narrative style.

Watch it on Netflix