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5 reasons why you need to add Pursue Hard Seltzer to your bar

Are you ready to pursue, Pursue?
"Pursue what is true to you"

Have you heard about the new cool kid on the mixology block? Is it your bar staple yet? Yes, we’re talking about hard seltzers. Our go-to? Pursue’s range of hard seltzers.

But first things first, what is a hard seltzer?

A hard seltzer, also referred to as spiked sparkling alcohol water, is a refreshing beverage crafted from carbonated water (seltzer), alcohol, and delightful fruit flavours. It boasts an alcohol content of approximately 5% and is favoured by many because of its lower calorie content.

In some locations, it’s produced through the fermentation of cane sugar or malted barley, while in other regions, fruit fermentation is used.

Pursue embodies all the characteristics of a great hard seltzer – youthful, low in calories, and easy on the stomach. And the name suggests the brand’s ethos – To pursue your freedom, what you believe in, what you love!

This Goa-based Hard Seltzer was launched by Mandovi Distilleries in 2021, with roots in Miami and Bangalore. Collaborating across continents, Pursue is a novel brand crafted by flavour specialists, design firms, and product artists.

With its 4 core pillars – utmost quality, detailed and distinctive design, artistry, and sustainability, Pursue offers guilt-free indulgence and celebrates freedom in all its forms. What’s more? It’s budget-friendly, and suitable for vegans.

Need more convincing to get your hands on the nearest Pursue hard seltzer bottle?

Here are 5 reasons Pursue Hard Seltzer should be the newest addition to your:

There’s one for everyone

PURSUE Hard Seltzer breaks the mould with its wide range of unique flavours. They rooted most of their flavours in Indianness and the experiences of taste, fruits, and flavours we share. From the soulful combo of mosambi and mint to the love-struck duo of Ssrawberry and rose, the countless adventures of mango and chilli, or the mood-uplifting peach and white tea – everyone’s sure to find one they enjoy.

Guilt-free with no strings attached

The blues of calorie counting are things of the past with Pursue Hard Seltzer. Vegan, gluten-free, with less than 1% sugar, and fless than 110 calories, it’s the stuff that dreams are made of.

Art on the move

Their bottles are a blast from the past but with a futuristic twist! Remember popping a bottle of Cola post an intense cricket match? Pursue’s bottles encapsulate that nostalgia. Shaped like the crown top soda bottles from our childhood, Pursue has kept a sense of familiarity in its design. The outcome is a sleek, unique, and stylish bottle. It’s like sipping art!

Sip, savor, collect

Dutch illustrator and muralist, Joren Joshua, works his magic, turning each bottle into a wickedly cool work of art. He includes subtle references to the flavours and ingredients on the bottle caps and necks. Collectible and artistic—drink your drink, with flair!

Makes giving back fun

Pursue Hard Seltzer isn’t just about style; it’s got substance too. Bottled in a zero-waste (including water) and eco-friendly distillery in Goa, this beverage has its sustainability game on point. So, while you party hard, mother nature approves too! They ranked number one in category A for hygiene and safety by The Green Triangle Society. They make most of their bottles and packaging material from recycled material. And, the best part, over 55% of their workforce comprises women. A Big W, all the way!