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What is Best Cure for a Hangover? We asked the pros

Mixologists tell us their hacks to beat hangovers
best cure for a hangover

As responsible adults navigating our daily lives, some of us are still figuring out how to deal with those intense hangovers that hit us hard. We thought it was high time to bring in the experts, which is why we reached out to some of India’s coolest mixologists and asked them the burning question: how the heck do we cure a hangover?

But, first things first, mixologist Varun Sharma, head of bars, Comorin, helped us understand what a hangover is. Hangovers occur when there is an excess of congeners in the body. These congeners circulate in the bloodstream and reach the brain, causing it to function at a slower pace. As a result, our reactions become sluggish (CTA – don’t drink and drive!).

So. It’s been a great night. The damage’s done. Now, how do we recover? Let’s hear it from our favourite mixologists.

The best cure for a hangover according to top mixologists

Ami Shroff
Flair bartender, and mixologist 

So through personal experience, the best remedies are not sleeping in too long, but giving the body some rest. Rehydration through water and ingredients containing Vitamin C. Lots of rehydration!

Varun Sharma
Head of Bars, Indian Accent & Comorin

“To ease the symptoms of a hangover, it is important to keep the body hydrated and consume foods rich in antioxidants. Tomato juice is beneficial ‌and is one of the best options. Lemonade, which contains vitamin C, can also aid in shortening the duration of a hangover. Also, eat light, easily digestible foods and increase non-alcoholic fluid intake.”

Sahil Essani
Brand Ambassador, Short Story Spirits

The key for me is simple – hydrate, hydrate, and then hydrate some more. Coffee does not count as hydration, and I’d avoid a lemonade because I know the tummy is going to be on fire from the citric acid. The go-to is super simple—a packet of ORS in a litre of water and you’re fresh as a lily. You’re also going to need some vitamin B to zone back in, so nice scrambled eggs on toast or a bhurji pao is a nice quick fix.”

Harshit Agarwal
Brand Ambassador, Matinee Gin


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“The best cure for a hangover is – fresh lime soda with 2 dashes of Angostura bitter!”

Sheldon Abranches
Mixologist, Hideaway Goa

“I usually turn to olive brine or pickle juice (straight out of the jar), electrolytes, water, fruit, and flaming hot Cheetos. All of this is followed by a fish thali and some telly!”