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Local Harvest Club is making organic food more accessible for its community

A lady farmer is farming organic vegetables to buy in Delhi

How do you tell if your vegetables are truly organic? There’s little information around the word ‘organic’. And often, it’s simply a tag that’s added to justify a high price. So, where do you buy organic vegetables in Delhi? Local Harvest Club is the answer.

A community for those who are seeking fresh produce, Local Harvest Club offers subscriptions for pesticide-free, organic vegetables. “A lot of agricultural practices contribute to greenhouse emissions,” says Abhinav Sethi, founder of Local Harvest Club, explaining why he decided to launch this initiative. Sethi ensures that he only collaborates with partner farmers who carry on farming with safe practices. For Sethi, it’s also equally important that “the farmers have food security” through this club.

Green farming for the health of the earth

Local Harvest Club launched in January 2024 and has been practicing CS carbon farming. Through this they ensure usage of a maximum number of regenerative and climate friendly practices that enhance local ecology. This reduces the ecological footprint associated with conventional farming, promotes soil health, biodiversity, and water conservation.

What this style of farming essentially helps with is that it focuses on enhancing soil fertility, and overall ecosystem resilience. Regenerative agricultural practices like cover cropping, crop rotation and diversification, composting and organic amendments are some ways through which carbon is sequestered, and eventually contributing to climate change mitigation.

Simply put: As a subscriber who is part of the Local Harvest Club’s community, you are essentially supporting sustainable practices, and actively contributing to the preservation of ecosystems and the long-term health of the planet.

How to truly buy organic vegetables in Delhi

A split image or fresh organic product to buy in Delhi and a man holding freshly harvest red carrots in the farm

Photo: Local Harvest Club

When it comes to organic vegetable shopping, people are truly lost. How do you go to the market and find out how the produce has been farmed? Sethi says that’s where education comes in. “We need a change in eating habits. We are gradually building our community through social media, and reaching out to nutritionists,” he adds.

He elaborates that the fruits and vegetables on store shelves contain less than half their potential nutritional value. And all this is simply due to large-scale farming. Sethi and his team are thereby working with farmer partners who grow produce naturally and without any chemical usage.

Join the club

Sethi has his work cutout. From building consumer awareness around organic food to changing habits, educating farmers on safer agricultural practices, and increasing financial security – the plan is elaborate and in the works.

At present, there’s naturally a limit to the number of subscribers Sethi can accommodate and the cap is tight. But if you write to them via their website or their Instagram DMs, they will reach out when they have a vacancy.

Priced at ₹4,000 you will receive four deliveries per month (1 per week), which includes 6-8kgs of fresh produce. At present the Local Harvest Club is only delivering in Delhi and Gurgaon.