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Indian-inspired spirits that you need to add to your cart

Delicious spirits that tell stories steeped in heritage
Indian-inspired spitits

In recent years, there’s been a noticeable surge in Indian-inspired spirits that celebrate homegrown ingredients, age-old techniques, and cultural influences, crafting beverages that aren’t just delicious, but also tell stories steeped in heritage. These spirits that hero desi ingredients make for fascinating intersections of tradition, innovation, and nostalgia.

Some spirits are inspired by the simple joy of biting into ripe slices of guava dusted with salt and chilli powder, while some reinvent regional classics to give them a contemporary (and boozy) facelift.

With this new trend on the rise, a trip to the local wine shop quickly turns into a flavour-packed adventure through India’s culinary heritage.

We’ve curated a list of such Indian-inspired spirits that would make for great additions to your bar. Scroll down to know more.

7 Indian-inspired spirits that we love

Dikra by Goa Brewing Co.

Indian-inspired spirit Dikra beer

Photo: Goa Brewing Co.

Dikra beer from Goa Brewing Co. is like a blast from the past, but with a modern twist. Inspired by the iconic raspberry soda from Mumbai’s Irani cafes, this brew is bursting with the fruity goodness of red raspberries, a hint of ginger, and zesty Persian black limes.

Maka Zai Rum

Makazai Indian-inspired spirits

Photo: Maka Zai

This rum is all-Indian, through and through – molasses sourced from west India, bottles from Firozabad, and caps all the way from Meerut. Maka Zai is available in two variants, the Bartender’s Edition offers a light, floral experience with herbaceous hints of sugarcane, perfect for sipping over ice, while the Tribute Edition boasts a creamy mouthfeel and indulgent notes of praline, fig, and honey, crafted from a blend of molasses spirit and oak barrel-aged rum.

Vale of Paradise by Samsara

Indian-inspired spirits

Photo: Samsara

This Indian-inspired spirit is an ode to the pristine Kashmir Valley. Crafted as part of Samsara’s New World Experiment series, this small-batch gin invites you to embark on a sensory adventure.

Each bottle is distilled using eleven signature botanicals from Kashmir, including Himalayan juniper berries, hemp seeds, and delicate rose petals. The Vale of Paradise is further distilled using local Kashmiri kahwa and saffron ribbons, encapsulating the very essence of Kashmir in every sip.

Perry Road Peru by Stranger & Sons

perry road peru by stranger and sons

Photo: Stranger & Sons

Perry Road Peru, a spirited collaboration between Stranger & Sons and The Bombay Canteen, capturing the essence of childhood nostalgia in a bottle. This distilled cocktail that’s like a trip down memory lane, and is a delightful ode to summers we spent munching on a ripe guava with a sprinkle of salt and chili powder.

Mosambi and Mint Seltzer by Pursue

Pursue seltser Indian-inspired spirits

Photo: Pursue

A refreshing blend of juicy Mosambi and crisp mint, this drink is more than just a beverage; it’s a passport to the magical lanes of yesteryears. Close your eyes, take a sip, and let the memories flood in.

Konkani Gin

Konkani Indian-inspired spirit

Photo: Konkani Gin

With ingredients like mango, tamarind, and juniper, Konkani’s fruity-tart character is sure to satisfy, and evoke memories of sun-soaked days by the sea. The gin draws on the flavours of lip-smacking mango drinks found on every corner in Goa.

Tamarind Margarita by Junglee

Junglee Indian inspired spirit

Photo: Junglee

What’s better than snacking on tangy slivers of imli, coated in masala, and balanced atop a piece of newspaper repurposed as a plate? A margarita that tastes exactly like that, but well, better. This premixed cocktail by Junglee, where tamarind meets tequila is sure to leave you craving for more.