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Lucknow in 7 dishes: Legendary food you must eat in the city

From Makhan Malai to Galouti Kebabs and Biryani, this is your guide to legendary things to eat in Lucknow.

Chaat, Kebab, Kachori, Biryani, and more. Lucknow—the land of Nawabs has an endless list of food to try. The best way to enjoy Lucknow’s food is to eat your way through the street food. With Mughal and Awadhi influences, the cuisine traces back to centuries for its significance. With such a rich heritage, it is necessary to know about the legendary things to eat in Lucknow.

From Tunday Kebabs to Biryani, Nihari, Kachori, and Chaat—Lucknow is a food heaven for a perfect gastronomical experience, especially if you are a non-vegetarian. But if you are a vegetarian, fret not! Our list of legendary places to eat in Lucknow is the go-to guide for all food connoisseurs.

Lucknow ki chai

Legendary things to eat in LucknowHead to Sharma Tea Stall at Lalbagh for a pocket-friendly cup of chai. This tea stall was founded by Shri Om Prakash Sharma in 1949. This mostly crowded tea stall also serves bun makkhan, bun samosa, mathri, mithai, and more. However, what makes Sharma Tea Stall stand out is the fact that their samosas are circular. Pair their gol samosa with a piping hot cup of chai!

Tunday Kebab

Legendary things to eat in LucknowTunday or Galouti Kebab is synonymous with Lucknow. This has to be one of the most legendary things to eat in Lucknow. Pair these melt-in-your-mouth kebabs with sheermaal and ulte tawe ke paratha, a staple bread in the city. Find the best tunday kebabs in Aminabad but if you are interested in the traditional one, make your way to Chowk, where they still cook the kebabs in coal.

Raj Kachori

Legendary things to eat in LucknowRaj Kachori, also known as Basket Chaat goes beyond your usual kachori and is street food under the list of ‘legendary things to eat in Lucknow’. The Basket Chaat features a potato shell with crushed tikkis, spicy and sweet chutneys, and some veggies such as peas. The best place to have Raj Kachori is at the Royal Café in Hazratgunj.

Kulcha Nihari

Legendary things to eat in LucknowFor all meat lovers, Raheem’s Kulcha Nihari at Chowk is hands down one of the most legendary things to eat in Lucknow. This mutton dish, served with soft fluffy kulchas is the perfect meal at any time of the day, especially now during Ramzaan.


Legendary things to eat in LucknowBiryani is another dish synonymous with Lucknow. Idris, located opposite Pata Nala in Jauhari Mohalla, is a third-generation run spot for the best mutton biryani in the city. The dum biryani here is slow-cooked with milk and malai, along with rice, meat, herbs, and masala—making it a crowd favourite.

Makhan Malai

Legendary things to eat in LucknowAs soft as a cloud, makhan malai is one of the quintessential legendary things to eat in Lucknow. Also known as malaiyo, this sweet snack is made from milk cream, especially during winter. Head to Chowk to get the best of makhan malai. Another version of this dessert is also available in Delhi but is known as the Daulat ki Chaat.

Balai ki Gilori

Legendary things to eat in LucknowA malai paan or a Balai ki Galori, first came into the picture at Ram Asrey which was set up in 1805. This version of the paan is made with milk and malai and is said to have originated during the era of the Nawabs in Lucknow.

With inputs from The Lab Mag’s Saumya Agrawal.