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Thirsty City 127 Opens Its Doors To Maximum City Mumbai

We’ve enjoyed THIRSTY’s smooth-bodied Simona, we’ve popped open the bright Happy By Thirsty cans at the DSSC Headquarters for post-work celebratory tipples. And we can’t keep calm as they’ve added more bubbles to their effervescent portfolio with Thirsty City 127, a craft brewery and craft cocktail bar in Mumbai. Inspired by the young Bombay of 1930’s and 50’s, Thirsty 127 matches the Maximum City’s avant-garde spirit, bringing forth an exemplary experience. DSSC gets conversing with Akriti Agarwal, CEO, Bliq, Thirsty Beers & Thirsty City 127, who gives us a lowdown of her passion project which she feels, “is about to change the way the city perceives cocktails and the experiences around them”.

With Thirsty Beers already ruling the craft tipple tables, what prompted the genesis of Thirsty City 127?

Our microbrewery in Mumbai supplies tap beers to restaurants and bars across Mumbai. Thirsty City 127 (TC127), a craft beer and craft cocktail bar began taking shape when we sensed a gap in the market and set about to bridge that. It’s a bar, where a consumer can enjoy craft beer and craft cocktails with small plates of food over some riveting conversation.  TC127 is an experience centre for our beers and our flagship outlet, which also doubles up as an events space.

Is there a story behind the christening of Thirsty City 127 that you’d like to share with our readers?

While Thirsty City 127 was in the making, the nomenclature came naturally to us. ‘Thirsty’ comes from our flagship brand THIRSTY, under which we have our craft beers and now an experience centre. ‘127’ is the address of the space which brings to the city, a microbrewery, a bar, a private dining area, and an events space on the mezzanine floor, all under a single roof. Thirsty City also hopes to travel to more addresses!

Then how did you decide on Mumbai for the flagship Thirsty City? Was it basis the audience and its demand, and the openness for craft beer?

We took over Mumbai’s first and oldest microbrewery and pub last year in October, in the quest to provide our beers on tap in Mumbai. Having a space and the microbrewery in Mumbai, not only made it easier but also conducive for our flagship outlet.

Yes, the Mumbai market for craft beers is indeed more open, not only in terms of flavour profiles but the city’s weather allows the consumption of chilled craft beer all year round.

What can beer lovers expect from the microbrewery?

Along with our main products, HAPPY by THIRSTY and Thirsty SIMONA (available on tap, too), we have five more variants on tap — Thirsty Sexy Pig, a Belgian Wit, Thirsty Lennox the Knight, an IPA, Thirsty Ninja, a dark chocolate stout, Thirsty Miss Sweet Lips, an apple cider, and Kick Ass Kolsch by Thirsty, a Kolsch. Seasonal specials include Thirsty Monk, a brown ale with caramel-like flavour and texture.

We hear the cocktail menu at TC127 is spectacular. What is the USP of the menu your team has crafted?

We wanted to not only have great beers on tap, but also excellent craft cocktails. To give you a glimpse of what we have on offer, the cocktails at TC127 are divided into five categories, with each category representing an ingredient from which the beer is made. We have only around 12-15 cocktails on the menu. Our bar team led by Santosh Kukreti, our bar manager, is one of the finest that could have been put together.

Which are some of the cocktails that one must try at Thirsty City 127, and which is your personal favourite?

I would first recommend Smokey Affair which is made up with smoked grain and herbs with gin, white chocolate liqueur, homemade dill cordial and lime topped with quinine water served in a highball glass. Off The Cob has butter corn washed whiskey and homemade dark chocolate liqueur cured over 24 hours, mixed with unrefined sugar, and balanced with lemon juice. It comes in an old fashioned tumbler. Barley and Mi, is constructed with sous vide barley with honey, citrus, spiked with gin and bitter liqueurs topped with quinine water. Some other must-haves are Gravity Clarity, Supermelon, Beet Tapache, Apple Upside Down, and Night Cap.

My personal favourite remains Wabi Sabi, a drink that is on the back of my business card as well. It is our take on a classic whisky sour with bird chilly IPA cordial, bitter oils, lemon juice and whisky.

What was the inspiration for the interiors and décor elements at the microbrewery? We love the versatility and collaborative nature of the space!

The space is inspired by the 1930’s-1950’s Bombay — the grand, opulent, art deco, spacious, and a fine era that the city has seen. Each art deco panel and structure at TC127 is completely handmade and not borrowed from anywhere. We go by the rule that everything at TC127 is crafted at TC127, for TC127, for the consumer walking into TC127.

What delights does the food menu have on offer?

The food menu is made up of only bar bites and small plates with Neapolitan pizzas (because beer and pizza!). It’s a European menu with Asian accents. In spite of consisting of only small plates, the food is wholesome and filling.


Head over to Thirsty City 127, Todi Mills, Mathuradas Mill Compound, Tulsi Pipe Road, Lower Parel, and lose wallet weight equivalent to INR 3,500 plus taxes for two, with alcohol (approximately).