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Learn how to throw the ultimate summer party this season

This edition of #DinnerPartyForDummies is the perfect guide to organise your summer party.
summer party

Planning and organising a party is already a mammoth task. Add to this the constant surge in temperature and the pressure of hosting a gathering in this heat. A winter dinner party cannot be the same as having one in summer. This #DinnerPartyForDummies is a guide to hosting a summer party, things to refrain from to avoid mishaps, and to ensure your party is one for the books, at least for your guests.

#DinnerPartyForDummies is our way of tipping our hats to hosts and hostesses with the mostest. It’s also a humble acceptance of the fact that we’re mere imperfect mortals who won’t be able to pull off what they do – never with such ease.

If you are brave enough to host a party in summer and want to make the most of vacation time or if it is just a long-overdue catchup session with friends and/or family, our #DinnerPartyForDummies should serve as the ultimate guide. From décor, food, drinks, and themes, this guide has it all. 

For this edition of #DinnerPartyForDummies, Nayantara Sangtani, founder of Dinners by Nayantara gives us an insider’s guide on throwing the perfect summer party. Sangtani has been doing this for four years and through her company—Dinners by Nayantara, an event styling company—she organises bespoke events from sit-down dinners, proposals, date nights, and other luxurious gatherings.

Here’s the #DinnerPartyForDummies summer edition guide:

summer party

Photo: Unsplash

Check the temperature

We shouldn’t have to tell you to keep an eye out for the temperature on the day of the party. No one wants to attend a party in this scorching heat. Hence, considering the heat and keeping the party at a suitable time, if it is outdoors, is the way to go. If it is indoors, make sure your ACs work fine and are serviced well to avoid mishaps such as a water leak. If you are going for an outdoor venue, ensure you have ample water coolers to keep the temperature cool and constantly have some mist sprayed in the air. For shade, opt for colourful umbrellas that can work as quirky décor and protect the guests from the scorching sun rays. 

Pick a theme

Theme parties are fun but we are not hinting towards the Halloween theme or even something resembling a child’s birthday party. Think themes such as a barbeque night, pool party, Italian brunch, Hawaiian-themed, garden soiree, or even a picnic. If these party ideas don’t scream summer, we don’t know what will. Not only do these themes make it easy for the guest to know how to dress but even as a host, it makes life simpler. No more wracking your brain on cuisine and location because these themes help in deciding those factors. 

Keep it cool

summer party

Photo: Unsplash

We have already mentioned the need for ACs, coolers, and a mist to ensure that guests are not sweating at your party. In the same way, ensuring that the party doesn’t run out of ice and having an ample amount of ice for drinks and even water should be a no-brainer. However, don’t shy away from ordering more ice for your food. Ensure that food such as dips and cold salads are placed in a bowl of ice to not only keep the food chilled but to also avoid the heat ruining the dishes. 

All about food

At this point, every host/hostess is aware of the dietary restrictions. But for a summer party, healthy, and not so heavy on the stomach food can work well. Opt for hummus, veggie platters, salads, veggie nachos, lots of chips and dips, cheese balls, and more. Make sure you store them in ice bowls. Another tip to not ruin the entire portion of food is to serve it in smaller batches and refill it. 

In the case of an outdoor venue, divide the food and space. Keep snacks and appetizers outdoors—a picnic or a garden—and move the party indoors with sufficient lighting, seating, and coolers for the main course.

Creating an easy but diverse menu is the key to winning over your guests. Include four to five starters, two to three mains, and two desserts.

summer party

Photos: Unsplash

Keep the drinks flowing

Nothing’s better than a cold drink to soothe your body in this scorching heat. Naturally, ensure that you have an ample number of drinks at your summer party because we can assure you that it will not be a pleasant sight and experience for your guests to know that you have run out of drinks. 

Keep a mix of both, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks to be accommodating of your guests’ preferences. Think of a mimosa or a lemonade bar. However, if you want to get into the summer spirit (pun intended), have a selection of cocktails/mocktails the guests can choose from. Also, make sure these drinks stick to your theme and are common enough for people to know but still not that common to make at home. Add frozen margaritas, Aperol spritz, piña coladas, watermelon margaritas, sangria, and more to your curated menu.

The love for food, and the memories made while sharing meals with the people you love are key factors that motivated The Lab Mag team to kickstart the series – Dinner Party For Dummies.