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Varun Rana & Eeshaan Kashyap On Their Culinary Expeditions

Varun Rana & Eeshan Kashyap

Their culinary expeditions in the kitchen will make you believe it’s the MasterChef finals. Their supper parties will transport you to an ambrosial realm. Their intoxicating infusions will make you forget ‘em tipple norms. Their banter will leave you in endless tumbles (trust us, we know). Say hello to flatmates Eeshaan Kashyap and Varun Rana. Vice President at ATM Bistro, French finesse is where the scales tip for globetrotter Eeshaan. Whilst Varun lends a touch of Indian spice to their creations, that is no less sassy than his fashion reports. Armed with an unmatched zeal for food, the duo are known in #OurCity for their humour infused crackerjack experimentations.

Owing to a perpetually growing ingredient inventory, their house prides two refrigerators and Eeshaan is quick to share, “Soon there’ll be need for third.” Delving deep into their world of epicurean adventures, we bring you a sneak peek inside their dapper refrigerator(s) with #DSSCFridgeDiaries.

Inspired by this motley culinary journey, we’re hitting the kitchen for some mystery box experimentation. See you on the other side!

DSSC’s Fridge Diaries is your inside scoop on the food habits of the country’s milieu of crème de la crème individuals. Breakfast to supper, binge eating to cleanse, water to wine, we track a culinary day in their lives, revealing the coup on how these powerhouse peeps wield their forks. The Fridge Diaries investigate their refrigerator to get a lowdown on their food quirks and explore their personal foodscape.