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7 restaurants to eat at after hours in Delhi NCR

Your post-midnight cravings in Delhi will never go unanswered
after hours in Delhi

What I’m about to say might lead to my being cancelled by my entire social circle, especially because I’ve lived in Mumbai for nearly a decade, but I think Delhi has better food. Of course, Mumbai does have its hero dishes that no other place can replicate (here’s looking at you vada pav), and it is home to some of the best fine dining spots in the country, but the sheer diversity of Delhi’s offerings – across cuisines, and price points – is a tad difficult to compete with.

Before you come charging at me, I do have to confess that butter chicken and momos are among my top five favourite dishes of all time, which may or may not (it definitely has) clouded my judgment.

The only time I have found myself struggling to find a place to eat at after hours in Delhi NCR. And as it turns out, I’m not the only one.

This inspired me to set out on a food adventure. What followed was a series of extremely persistent messages to all my trusted food sources in the city, and the result is well, this article.

Scroll through, and I promise your post-midnight cravings in Delhi will never go unanswered.

7 restaurants to eat at after hours in Delhi NCR

Yellow Brick Road, Taj Vivanta, Khan Market

Check out Yellow Brick Road at Taj Vivanta in Khan Market, an iconic spot drenched in nostalgia, and open 24 hours. Try the YBR Chicken, Idli Chaat, and Railway Cutlets, and we promise they won’t disappoint.

The Munchbox, Order in

Chilli chicken, a bowlful of dal makhani, or delicious wings – regardless of what your definition of comfort food is, The Munchbox is sure to deliver.

Gurbers, Order in


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A post shared by Gurbers (@gurbersindia)

A flavourful patty sandwiched between two cushiony buns, with molten cheese acting as glue – this is what gluttonous snacking dreams are made of. And Gurbers ensures that you can realise these dreams even if it’s way past midnight.

Baking Bad, Multiple locations


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A post shared by Baking Bad (@bakingbad_pizza)

Late-night delivery pizza often disappoints – floppy crusts, stingy cheese – but not with Baking Bad. Their Heisenberg pizza, loaded with smoked pepperoni, bacon, salami, smoked chicken, chilli, and fresh basil, is a flavour explosion. Equally impressive is their Shroom Fest pizza, featuring pecorino romano, shiitake, chestnut, and enoki mushrooms. They even offer unique crust options like spinach, beetroot, or quinoa.

Delivery Jack, Order in


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A post shared by Delivery Jack (@delivery.jack)

Our favourite thing about this late-night eatery? The fact that it has something for every kind of midnight snacker. Our picks? JD glazed honey chilli potato, Arrabbiata pasta with PRAWN, and Greek salad with feta.

Forestta Cafe, Gurugram

With its warm lighting and comfortable seating, Forestta Cafe is a great spot to wind down after. hours. The restaurant is opne till 4 am and its menu has a range of offerings – both Indian and continental. We recommend you try the Forresta special pizza, chicken lasagna, and paneer tikka.

Al Jawahar, Jama Masjid

Al Jawahar has been cooking up delicious Mughlai food for over 70 years. And the best part? They’re open all night! Yup, they’re one of the few spots in Old Delhi that never closes. So whether you’re out late exploring the city or up early and hungry, they’ve got your back. Must-haves? Their famous butter chicken, mutton curry, kebabs, nihari, and biryanis.