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Bandra’s Santa Maria has some serious sandwich game

We dove headfirst into Santa Maria's menu to suss out the must-tries and the misses
Santa Maria

Tucked away in a charming Bandra bylane, far from the prying eyes of the main road, sits Santa Maria. Forget fancy neon signs and celebrity chef throwdowns – this place oozes warmth and character like your grandma’s house on a rainy Sunday.

Imagine moss-green walls whispering secrets to checkered red and white tablecloths. Shelves overflow with quirky knick-knacks – an old tape recorder yearning for a bygone era, a jar of pickles promising tangy adventures, porcelain figurines adding a dash of grandma chic, and a vintage TV set hinting at simpler times. Even the air here feels nostalgic, with the smoky scent of cured meats (side note: they do all the meat curing in-house), and the sound of Pallonji sodas being popped open.

But hold on, there’s more to Santa Maria! They’ve got a killer selection of sandwiches, both veggie and meat-based, sweet and savoury, waiting to take your taste buds on a culinary adventure. And our favourite bit – their menu, much like their decor, houses stories too! Their menu is a love letter to the neighbourhood of Ranwar – dishes named after local legends, who add their own special spice to the community.

If you’ve wondered what Elvis Presley’s favourite sandwich would taste like if it hung out with a Bandra boy named Siddharth? (Spoiler alert: it involves “Falling in Love”). Or if you just need some help with deciding what to order at Santa Maria, scroll down and prepare to have your taste buds and your curiosity satisfied with our #RapidReview.

Rapid Review

Santa Maria

Photos: Santa Maria

Buckle up for a sandwich showdown! We dove headfirst into Santa Maria’s menu to suss out the must-tries and the misses.

The Great

The undisputed champion: Peggy’s Piggy (₹540). This beauty boasts melt-in-your-mouth pulled pork, arugula that adds a refreshing kick, and a perfect bread-to-filling ratio. Plus, major points for using focaccia instead of that ubiquitous sourdough. Focaccia, my friends, is softer, soaks up those glorious flavors, and delivers a satisfying bite – sourdough can take a backseat for this one.

The Eggplant Melt (₹495)also deserves a standing ovation. It achieved the impossible: making me, someone who usually avoids eggplant like the plague, actually enjoy it! Hallelujah! Here’s the magic: they don’t try to hide the eggplant flavour, but instead, enhance it with a rich tomato sauce and fresh arugula. The cheddar and mozzarella combo adds a delightful creaminess and that oh-so-satisfying cheese pull.

The Good

Falling In Love Ft. Siddharth (₹420) sounds like the title of a Bollywood rom-com, but is in fact a reimagining of Elvis Presley’s fave sandwich. Picture this: crispy bacon, peanut butter, banana, and a drizzle of maple syrup, all nestled in a croissant. The combination of banana and bacon is a winner, and the peanut butter surprisingly didn’t overpower the party. However, the croissant could be flakier, and the peanut butter texture left a bit of dryness at the end. A minor tweak, and this could be a true contender!

The Miss

We had high hopes for Markie’s Mortadella (₹564), but it ended up being a bit of a letdown. This contender featured pesto, burrata, mortadella with pistachios, arugula, sandwiched in a sea salt focaccia. The problem? The burrata was the king of the castle, drowning out the pesto and mortadella. A little less burrata would allow the other flavours to shine.

So, there you have it! Santa Maria has some serious sandwich game, with a few tweaks that could make them legendary. Stay tuned for more #RapidReviews a.k.a. adventures in deliciousness!