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Diwali 2017: Here’s Your Secret To Hosting The Most Fun Party Of The Year

What time is it? Tut tut, don’t look at that watch, it’s Diwali o’ clock of course! The lights are up, the diyas are painted, you’ve cleaned out your treasure chest (and sneaked those jeans from 2009 back in), and are all set to bring on the festivities. As the social butterfly in you blooms this season and you hop from one card session to another, we hear your Diwali desires and gift to you the most Diwali-esque soirée ever.

As you prep to lose at cards (the host never wins, duh), overload the pantry, and attach taps to the home bar, #DSSCRecommends these tips to crank up the fun at your party. Go ahead, take to these ideas and be the brightest shining diya in your party circuit.



Muflis: Move over mint chutney, hummus, and hung curd dip, it’s time to reinvent and you need to dip this Diwali in a new bowl. Say namaste to Peanut Dip. This flavoursome delight will be the perfect pataka for your night. Pair it with light, crispy butter prawns or crudités and have your guests hoarding onto this platter. Not limited to sharing its phonetic quality with muflis, it literally takes the lowest ranked of your table components to the highest flavour levels! Make sure to prep bucketfuls of the dip – takeaway requests shall be incoming.

Teen Patti: Back to the highest card being the winner? Yessir. Bell pepper, lamb cube, and onion mini skewers bring together three universal palate pleasers onto one toothpick. Sautéed veggies and charred meat on a stick, gin & tonic in one hand, and cards in the other – that’s your formula to be a Diwali do-gooder right there. We know we just asked you to move over mint chutney, but hey, don’t just abandon us yet! Pair this culinary teen patti with the quintessential chutney, cause a cards night needs more than one winner.

Sudden Death: The festive season sanctions decadent bites, yes it does. With wine flowing through your veins, what better to pair it with than a baked brie platter? Make this platter using crackers & breads or go the fruits & jam route (or do both, like us) – you can’t go wrong with this. Drink of the Gods and food of the Gods, could it b(ri)e any better?

Image:; Baked Brie Platter


Queen of Hearts: Bloody Mary may be a staple on cocktail menus across the world, but here we have something to make you go “Holy mother of God!” this Diwali. This Indian twist on the standard tipple will steal your heart. Swap out the usual vodka for gin, and add in some curry powder, black pepper, salt, lemon juice, celery stalks, and hot sauce (all to taste), and voila! you have yourself a Queen of Hearts, one that’s going to rule hearts at your soirée.

Jack of all Trades: Talent comes in many shapes and sizes of bottles, and we want them all, don’t we? Come on, you should’ve guessed this one. Welcome the refreshed Long Island Iced Tea back into your glass. ‘Jack of all trades’ tipple will have you wondering why you ever abandon this drink post college days. Take equal amounts peach schnapps, rum, vodka, tequila, gin, and cola, and three times as much sweet & sour mix – stir it all together and you’ve created a Jack who’ll keep you floating through the evening.

Royal Flush: A mellow yellow at the bottom and a bloody red on top, this Royal Flush isn’t for the fainthearted. Top off the infamous whiskey sour with some red wine and you have yourself a potent concoction prepping you for a night that turns into morning.

Image:; A Whiskey Sour Spiked with Red Wine

Kings Corners: Old Monk. ‘Nuff Said. Okay, we’ll say a little more. A large Old Monk, wedge of fresh lime, topped off with apple juice, and handful o’ apple slices; this Kings Corners ain’t cutting any corners in lighting up your Diwali night!


Triple The Fun

Two Sitting Ducks and the One-Eyed Jacks: The Jack of Hearts and the Jack of Spades are called the one-eyed jacks, and become jokers for this game. Two Sitting ducks are the two corresponding Twos – the Two of Hearts and the Two of Spades – which are also jokers. The remaining Jacks and Twos continue to hold the regular status, laying the groundwork for some double trouble confusion!

Sequence Switch-a-roo: It’s time for you to turn towards the road not taken. Take a detour from the usual sequences of Jack-Queen-King or Ace-2-3, and switch it around with this new sequence rule. Try your hand at this alternate sequence, i.e. Ace-3-5, 9-Jack-King and so on. As they say, unlearning and relearning are essentials in life, this game turns tables on your cards-luck and brings you just that lesson!


Top of the pops food, tipples, and cards. Who said you can’t have a cracker of a Diwali while saying ‘no’ to crackers?


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