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DSSC S.U.P.W. – Exploring Alternate Learning #OurCity

DSSC SUPW featured image

Flashback to 5th grade. S.U.P.W. class. Giggles all around as you mould your lump of clay into a face and name it after your best friend. Cut to now. Usual work week. Is there something interesting to do in the city?

To answer that question and bring the focus back to doing things for the innocent joy of learning something new, DSSC presents S.U.P.W., which is a series of fun experiments that showcase alternate learning and skills in the city. Somewhere along the way we stopped doing things that made us happy thinking they should be left up to the professionals, and it’s time to toss that self doubt aside and let your creative side lose! It’s a chance to explore fun activities after hours in exclusive workshops, bringing  self-expression to the forefront and giving judgement the back seat. Putting the SUP back in S.U.P.W., this edit will span over 3 different sessions, at 3 locations, exploring 3 unique activities with the best that this city has to offer. So it’s time to grab your pals, ditch your mundane mid week drinking plans and make your way to this edit of S.U.P.W.!



Class 1 :: Sunday, 28th July – Be Boulder @ Boulder Box, Vasant Kunj

Class 2 :: Thursday, 1st August – Pole Posse @ Vesna’s alta celo, East of Kailash

Class 3 :: Thursday, 8th August – Classic Cocktail Crash Course with Diageo @ Dandy – The Fio Bar, Nehru Place


S.U.P.W. Class 1 – Be Boulder


Kicked it off with an introduction to Bouldering, Be Boulder, was an invigorating indoor climbing experience at Boulder Box. With upwards of a whopping 4500 square feet of climbing space, Boulder Box provides an ideal fun experience in not just climbing, but also problem solving through physical movement. In a playful environment, one gets the chance to explore the flow of climbing and understand how to approach this activity not just as physical movements but almost like a dance with a definite perspective. The session was inclusive of a small introductory class, followed by time for free play for all participants to explore what they learnt and do their own thing with that new found knowledge.

Where? Boulder Box, Vasant Kunj

When? Sunday, 28th July 2019

Time? 11:30 AM to 2.00 PM

(Please note that this event has sold out.)


S.U.P.W. Class 2 – Pole Posse


To shake things up after work next week we have for you, Pole Posse – an introductory session on Pole workout with Vesna Jacob at her studio Alta celo. While learning the basics of working around a pole, one will also be able to harness the power of their core and of course, shake a leg with their pals! At her studio, Vesna endeavours to create a holistic path of wellness and mindful movements that not only helps one stay fit, but also guides their journey from what they are to who they wish to be. With her creative ways to train the body, her sessions are equal parts of learning and fun!

Where? Vesna’s Alta Celo, East of Kailash

When? Thursday, 1st August 2019

Time? 6:30 PM to 8.00 PM

Book your tickets here :


S.U.P.W. Class 3 – Classic Cocktail Crash Course


Something to take home with you after this edit, will be the skill to mix up a quintessential cocktail for yourself! Be it a house party or a fancy soiree, the Classic Cocktail Crash Course at Dandy – The Fio Bar will equip you with the prowess to wow everyone around you at any given occasion. One will be able to pick up quick tips and tricks from the best in the city while sipping on the cocktails one makes with ace spirits like Captain Morgan, Johnny Walker, Tanqueray, and Ketel One, courtesy of Diageo. So tag along with your pals and say goodbye to your mid-week blues while learning some, as you sip some!

Where? Dandy – The Fio Bar, Nehru Place

When? Thursday, 8th August 2019

Time? 8:00 PM to 10.00 PM


Book your tickets here :