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TLM’s Rakhi gift guide is guaranteed to get you a ‘Sibling of the Year’ crown

This gift guide is sure to make your sibling smile (or at least smirk) this Rakhi.
Rakhi giflist 2023

For those of us who have grown up with siblings, Rakhi is like the annual reminder that we’re contractually obligated to tolerate each other’s quirks. And let’s face it, if we can survive their snoring, sock-stealing, and endless debates about the TV remote, we can pretty much conquer anything life throws our way.

But hey, it’s all part of the sibling package deal, right? The constant bickering, the covert operation to steal the last slice of pizza, and the mysterious disappearance of your favourite hoodie – it’s in a way our mutually agreed upon love language. But just in case you are looking to express love the conventional way, our Rakhi gift guide is here to make matters simpler.

This Rakhi gift guide, we explore some delightful and quirky gift ideas that not only celebrate the unique bond between siblings but also promise to make your brother or sister smile (or at least smirk) this Rakhi. So, let’s dive into the world of Rakhi gifting where laughter, love, and the occasional eye roll reign supreme.

TLM’s ultimate Rakhi gift guide

1. For the sibling who is a stationery fiend

The Iconomash Notebook from Shivan & Naresh, ₹1,995

Shivan & Naresh Stationery rakhi gift guide

Photo: Shivan & Naresh

2. For the sibling who is a budding mixologist

Florified indigo gin infusion from Ōtaṇē, Price on request

otane Rakhi gift guide

Photo: Otane

3. For the sibling who is best described as calamity Jane

Phone grip from H&M, ₹459

H&M phone Rakhi gift guide

Photo: H&M

4. For the sibling who takes their chai breaks too seriously

The Tupp Buddy thermos from Tupperware, ₹2,200

Tupperware thermos

Photo: Tupperware

5. For the sibling who is a master chef in the making

Bestseller Combo from Burma Burma, ₹1,100

Burma Burma gift box Rakhi Gift guide

Photo: Burma Burma

6. For the perpetually dehydrated sibling

The Chevron Palms Copper Bottle from India Circus, ₹1,784

India circus bottle

Photo: India Circus

7. For the sibling who likes to travel in style

The Viceroy Bag from Nappa Dori, ₹18,500

Nappa Dori bag

Photo: Nappa Dori

8. For the sibling who loves to play host

Stoneware by Le Creuset from Tata Cliq, Variable price 

Le Creuset India

Photo: Le Creuset India

9. For the sibling who is the official family photographer

Instax mini 9 Gift Box from Fujifilm, ₹5,499

Instax mini

Photo: Instax

10. For the sibling who loves words more than people

Sookhe Phool Bookmark from Quirksmith, ₹3,200

Quirksmith silver bookmark

Photo: Quirksmith

11. For the sibling whose home looks right out of Pinterest

The Lotus Lamp from F Six Homes, ₹12,999

F Six Homes

Photo: F Six Homes

12. For the one who puts the bling in sibling

Gulmohar Crimson Studs by Tribe Amrapali from Aulerth, 7,000

Aulerth earrings

Photo: Aulerth

13. For the sibling in need of some TLC

The Spa Me at Home! from The Bare Bar, ₹7,250

Spa gift hamper

Photo: The Bare Bar