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What to get your dad this Father’s Day, the zodiac way

This list comes with the guarantee of you earning extra brownie points
father's day father and son

A father’s hat has many feathers. From being creative and passionate to occasionally annoying, stylish, overachieving, meticulous, and playful – dads encompass many traits that make them who they are. The only thing they are consistently bad at is responding to the question “What do you want for Father’s Day?”

Selecting the ideal gift for our dads can be incredibly challenging. However, one way to navigate this daunting task is by deep diving into the world of astrology. Take a cue from their zodiac signs.

Whether your dad is a Leo radiating his ‘main character energy’ or a Capricorn in need of some much-deserved downtime, their zodiac sign can help you pick the perfect gift for them this Father’s Day!

Scroll through our Father’s Day gift guide. The list comes with the guarantee of you earning some extra brownie points.


watch father's day

Photo: Fastrack

Our adventurous Aries dads are always on the go. They’re a catch and they’re hard to catch (ask your mom!)

Looking for the perfect gift that matches their active lifestyle? How about surprising your dad with a Fastrack Reflex smart watch, equipped with a step tracker and mood monitor? It’s the ideal companion to track their fitness goals and adds an element of thrill to their daily adventures., ₹6995


jeans Levi's


Attention children of Taurus dads! We know just how much our fathers cherish comfort and luxury. Even if they deny it. It’s time to step up their style game and treat them to something special.

Say goodbye to their beloved dad jeans and introduce them to a classic trend from the past that has become a fashion statement today – the Bootcut jeans from Levi’s! These jeans effortlessly combine comfort and style, and are a perfect fit for your dad’s impeccable taste., ₹3,119.00


Board game


If there’s a parent that could give our weekend plans tough competition, it’s the Gemini dad.

For the dad, who is both, an intellectual and a socialite — bring both his worlds together by gifting him SHASN The Political Strategy Board Game, and play it together as a family., ₹3,499


Father's day


The most sentimental and family-oriented father on the zodiac has to be a Cancerian. Reading a heartfelt letter and a movie night in makes for their ideal Father’s Day hang.

So write your father a love letter and bring home the delicious Ice cream gift box from Burma Burma – the perfect plus one for a watch night. He deserves a cosy evening with the people he loves the most., ₹1,000


wallet Father's day gift

Photo: Nappa Dori

A Leo dad is a star, and he knows it. With or without the spotlight— he knows he has our attention.

Consider tickets to a live performance, a customised piece of artwork. However, if your leo dad would appreciate a smaller, sleeker and more personal gesture, how about channelising his main character energy into a personalised wallet from Nappa Dori!, ₹1,000


journals and planners

Photo: Odd Giraffe

We know our Virgo dads have a meticulously detailed morning routine that puts even the Influencers we follow to shame! They value order, punctuality, and the art of planning.

We have the perfect gift suggestion for our Virgo dads. Surprise them with a customisable planner from The Odd Giraffe!, ₹1,599


father's day Birkenstock

Photo: VegNonVeg

If your father is guilty of stealing from your wardrobe, there’s a high chance they are a Libra dad. They appreciate balance, beauty and style. And honestly? Their fashion game is way ahead of ours.

Gift them a pair of sleek, stylish and comfortable Birkenstock from VegNonVeg (that you can discreetly borrow as well!)., ₹3,990


kindle father's day

Photo: Jingda Chen/Unsplash

Picture this: a good mystery novel, a dimly lit room, a scented candle, and soothing lo-fi music setting the mood. It’s the perfect recipe for relaxation for our Scorpio fathers who deserve some downtime.

While gifting them the entire experience would be amazing, we can’t forget about their mystery novel obsession. So, how about finally getting them their very own Kindle? Let’s satisfy their love for a good page-turner., ₹9,990


perfume Bvlgari

Photo: Bvlgari

If you’re searching for the perfect gift that complements the Sagittarius dad’s love for travel and discovery, we’ve got you covered.

Our dads love the great outdoors, and if they could, they would spend most of their time exploring, travelling and discovering. We may not know how to replicate that experience for them — but why not gift them a scent that reminds them of their most memorable adventures in the woods? The Bvlgari Man Wood Essence for men will help you do just that., ₹3,750


aeropress coffee making kit

Photo: KC Roasters

The quintessential overachieving Capricorn dad, dreams big and works hard. And to fuel their workday, a gourmet coffee gift set will be a delightful treat during those well-deserved breaks.

We recommend getting them the ultimate Aeropress go gift box!, ₹6,120


father's day Google nest

Photo: James Yarema/Unsplash

Aquarius dads are often unique and unconventional. And we all know, they love their gadgets a smidge more than they love us!

Consider getting the Google Nest Hub, set your picture as the wallpaper, so while they obsess over their new toy— they don’t forget, you exist., ₹6,999


candle for father's day

Photo: Bath and Body Works

Our Pisces fathers love and daydream with all their hearts. However, if ‘overthinking’ was a person, it would be pisces dad!

Gift your creative and sensitive fathers the Mahogany scented candle from Bath and Body Works to fuel their creative juices, and ease their anxiety., ₹2,399