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TLM Top 10: Our all time favourite chocolates that we can’t have enough of

Get set to embark on the ultimate chocolate quest!
top 10 chocolates we love

If there’s a common thread that ties all our sweet tooth stories, it’s definitely made of chocolate! From childhood memories to late-night indulgences, chocolate has woven itself into the fabric of our lives, becoming an irreplaceable source of comfort (and serotonin). Narrowing down our top ten chocolates wasn’t easy, but through a blend of nostalgia and refined palates, we’ve painstakingly curated a list for you!

Here is our list of the top ten chocolates that we love

1. Dairy Milk – Crackle

Probably the first memory of chocolate for many of us, Dairy Milk’s stood the test of time. Our list top ten chocolates couldn’t begin with anything else. And doesn’t the fun, crispiness of Crackle teleport us to simpler days? Here’s to its ability to help us relive our childhood. 

2. Nestle Kit Kat – the OG flavour


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The perfect balance of wafer and chocolate, Kit Kat is a personal favourite. While the brand has come out with other delicious flavours, there’s just something about the original that’s unbeatable! Pro-tip: For maximum satisfaction, eat it one layer at a time a.k.a. the Kourtney Kardashian way.

3. Hershey’s Reese Peanut Butter Cups


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Sweet, salty, crunchy! Let’s face it: these chocolate peanut cups are an ode to that cherished relative, who on their annual trips to India, always made a special pit stop at the duty-free shop to bring back these delectable treats just for us. While the good old days may not come back, these cups are here to stay!

4. Royce Nama Ghana Bitter

If there’s anything close to heaven on Earth, it’s probably within each delectable bite of the Royce Nama Ghana Bitter. At the risk of sounding Master Chef-y – the flavour, the texture, the balance! *chef’s kiss*

5. Godiva – Sea Salt and Dark Chocolate


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Something special happens when bitter chocolate meets salt. And it gets even better when it’s Godiva. What can we say – bitter makes it better! 😉

6. The Cacao Mill by Subko – Podi Almond


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A post shared by Subko Cacao (@subkocacao)

Mumbai has a new chocolate factory, and it’s The Cacao Mill by Subko. Go there for the pod-to-bar experience. But also, for the Podi Almond chocolate – where chilli meets almond meets chocolate. Yum! It’s chocolate, but it’s also chakna! You’re welcome.

7. Paul and Mike – Amazonian Pink Pepper

A bar of mild dark chocolate, partly fruity, partly spicy, and fully tasty! If there’s anything that is perfect for the gastronomic experimenter, it is this. Which is why it had to make it to our top ten chocolates!

8. Artisan du Chocolat – No1 Salted Caramels Original 

The evergreen salted caramel chocolate, but make it artisanal! These bite-size balls of goodness, are every chocolate lover’s dream. Tell us otherwise! 

9. Guylian – The original seashells


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For the hungry artist, literally. These seashells by Guylian are a tad too pretty to eat, but once you eat it… IYKYK.

10. Ether Atelier – Smoked Black Forest

The classic birthday cake, but denser, richer, and for grown-ups (read: adult-sized children, pretending to have their life in order). That’s when you get this Smoked Black Forest chocolate by Ether Atelier. BRB, drooling!