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An experiential roastery has Delhi’s coffee drinkers perked up

Caarabi Coffee Roasters has coffee to take home along with coffee-themed hyperwear, merchandise, and a host of experiences.
Caarabi Coffee Roasters in Saket, Delhi

A few weeks ago, Caarabi Coffee Roasters graced Delhi. The venture, co-founded by AJ and Shubham, marks a milestone with the launch of its experiential roastery and lab in Saket, Delhi.

AJ, with a background steeped in Melbourne and coffee culture, brings expertise in profile roasting and brewing, reshaping Delhi’s coffee scene since 2015. While Shubham, a Delhi native and entrepreneur, has pioneered six cafes, fostering a loyal following through his dedication to quality and innovation. Together, their shared passion for coffee excellence drives Caarabi’s commitment to pushing boundaries and fostering community in the coffee industry.

Caarabi Coffee Roasters in Saket, DelhiFor true-blue coffee drinkers, the roastery experience at Caarabi Coffee is quite exciting and designed to engage all senses, offering workshops, personalised blend creation, and exploration of premium beans. The roastery has a selection of beans to shop from. You can explore Ratnagiri Jasper, a coffee that features notes of strawberry, stewed peaches, peanut, and caramel. The Man on Mars blend is made up of two origins – the Baarbara Washed AA sized beans and Gungegiri dual fermented washed beans and is roasted to a medium level. This coffee’s tasting notes are delicious too as they include chocolate, caramel, and nougat, almost akin to the Mars bar. Apart from the two specialty blends, Caarabi Coffee also has single estates on offer. These include the Karadykan Estate Honey Sun Dried, Thogarihunkal Estate Honey Sun Dried, and Baarbara Estate Washed AA.

Caarabi Coffee Roasters in Saket, DelhiTo harp on the coffee culture, the roastery is also offering other experiences and coffee-forward products for retail. You can shop for coffee-themed hypewear, packaged coffee collections, and a lot of merchandise that’s got flair.

To fully immerse their guests in the coffee experience, Caarabi is also conducting experiences that include coffee-making workshops, apart from other coffee events.

You can visit the roastery at Khasra 264, Plot 02, Westend Marg, Butterfly Park, Saiyad ul Ajaib, Saket, Delhi, to experience the future of coffee culture.