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What happens when Burmese food walks into an IT park

Burma Burma opens its first outpost in Hyderabad's HITECH City.
Burma Burma opens in Hyderabad's HITECH City

Some doom-scrolling on Instagram is enough for you to be in the know that Hyderabad is becoming hip. Streetwear and luxury fashion brands, technique-forward bakeries, and specialty restaurants are mushrooming in the city. Case in point: Burma Burma, an award-wining restaurant and tea room opened doors in HITECH city.

Sitting in a futuristic IT park, this new restaurant in Hyderabad is seeped in Burmese traditions. Burma is a largely unexplored country, especially for its cuisine. What Burma Burma does with its menu, is introduce Hyderabad to Burmese street food, tribal cooking, and family heirloom recipes. Each recipe at the restaurant is either the result of the travels to Burma by founders Chirag Chhajer and Ankit Gupta; or from Gupta’s mom, who has spent decades in Burma.

But what’s Hyderabad’s gain is also the restaurant’s. While the city has got its first Burmese restaurant, this is also Burma Burma’s largest space yet. The sprawling restaurant can fit in 120 patrons at once. You might think that that means you can walk-in to dine, but historically every Burma Burma outlet across the country usually has a wait time. So, it’s best you reserve a table before you go.

The only Burmese restaurant in Hyderabad

Burmese decor elements at the Burma Burma outpost in Hyderabad

The restaurant recently ranked 34th at the Conde Nast Traveller Top Restaurant Awards in 2023. But it’s not simply for the food it offers. Each Burma Burma outpost displays distinct decor, which makes the experience more refined. While some outposts are vibrant, some others are more subdued.

The Hyderabad HITECH City outpost features wire-work pagoda installations and colorful booth-backs with basket weaves. The space is divided into distinct zones, each offering a variety of seating options. Hand-painted table tops, a large printed canvas depicting Bagan’s skyline, and other design elements create an immersive experience that complements the diverse flavors on the menu. This outpost of the restaurant stands out as it’s the 10th in the country, taking this almost 10-year-old brand to a new level.

Speaking of the menu, you can explore the cuisine of the Golden Land through dishes like the Tea Leaf Salad but find comfort in the Samosa Soup. As several offerings are similar to the Indian palette, it’s not hard to fall in love with the cuisine. Other dishes worth digging into include Tohu Mash with Paratha, ‘Wa’ Potato, Rangoon Vegetable Curry, and more. You will easily keep going back to Burma Burma because it’s not a dull interpretation of the cuisine. Rather, a welcome rendition that combines traditional recipes with a contemporary flair.

Going beyond khowsuey

Burmese offerings from Burma Burma menuAmong the Burmese decor elements and the food, you can also savour Burma Burma’s dessert offerings. These include reimagined traditional Burmese desserts, international desserts, and artisanal ice creams with unique flavors like Pineapple Energee and Caramelised Chocolate and Cheese.

The restaurant also has extensive tea program features blends sourced directly from Burmese tea estates. You can’t miss out on the tea ceremony, which staff members diligently perform; and you definitely need to witness it in winter when there’s a nip in the air that’s just right to wrap your palms around a hot cup. If you’re not a fan of hot beverages, you can sip on their mocktails that include a range of coolers, zero-proof drinks, and Burmese-style bubble tea as well.

Additionally, this Burmese restaurant in Hyderabad offers a retail range, allowing customers to bring the cuisine’s flavors to their home kitchens. The range includes spice mixes, nuts, toppings, sauces, and even artisanal ice creams, available both in-store and online.

Whether you love exploring new cuisines or are simply curious, Burma Burma is one stop that you probably shouldn’t ignore. Especially as Hyderabad’s food landscape diversifies to become more eclectic.